Indoor Arsenic Nathan zauner and alan smith

Some pictures of Arsenic

1. Indoor Arsenic is a poisonous substance that is released from human activities and naturally from the Earth's crust.

2. Humans may be exposed to indoor arsenic through food and water, mainly in certain areas where groundwater is in contact with arsenic minerals.

3. When arsenic is inhaled its presence in airborne the particles goes into the blood stream and can be different among individuals for the effects. It is bad for your lungs, skin, kidneys and liver. Symptoms: abdominal pains, destruction of red blood cells, shock and death shortly after.

4. No treatments for large amounts of Arsenic, but for small amount you can remove arsenic by dialysis, chelating agents, replacement of red blood cells and bowel cleansing.

5. Natural History Museum of Rouen in France: traced the elements in the air and dust around the artifacts. The levels were high and occasionally above the accepted level.

6. (For the poison) Blue-green algae, Selenium, Zinc are some remedies but have had insufficient evidence. There is a method for getting rid of it in the water but not in the air.

Table for the water pollution of Arsenic
Probability of Arsenic in certain Areas


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