Detective grey BY: ricky degollado

It all started late last year Grey Jackson had no money in her bank account. She had know where to go and no one to turn to. She was alone.

After a long walk grey decided that she was going to follow her dreams and become a detective.

She never knew it was going to come down to this, but this was her dream. So grey had to lie to get her first detective job. She knew a wealthy family was in need of help with a stoker after she the story on the news. And off she went to the house of the Williams family.

As soon as detective grey walked up to the mansions gate she knew she was in for a bumpy ride. The gate answered and grey was welcomed in. She was surprised when they said welcome, she had never been to a rich persons house before. When they opened the door grey saw the most handsome man she had ever seen.

She then asked the main question to the family, why am i here? The oldest brother stepped up and told gray that someone had been sending dangerous things to their house. The stoker had gone to far when he killed their dog. They knew they had to call professional help

Two weeks in the investigation there was a clear sign that grey is not that good at working on cases. Even though she was having trouble finding the stoker Charlie the oldest brother was falling in love with her. It made i hard on the rest on the family because they wanted results.

finally with in a month she had gotten the ground breaking clue that will solve the case. a couple months before the family had let go of a made who was lacking on her work ever since then things were gong down hill. She knew the stoker was the made.

After confronting the made she found out that she was not a made but a mad fan for charlie and his families money. Grey had saved the day. She then told the family what had happened and who the killer was.

In the end Grey told Charlie she was not a detective and was lying the whole time. He didn't care and still loved her. and they lived happily ever after. THE END.

Created By
Ricardo Degollado


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