The Redline Enterprise Story behind the Show of Pecoraro & Pecoraro by Jack Langer



When a great opera personality, a powerfully-voiced entertainer, a symphony orchestra and a pop band all meet, goose-bumps are guaranteed! Pop and classical music meet with a spicing of Las Vegas flair
Father and son: Opera singer Herwig Pecoraro and pop musician Mario Pecoraro go on tour together for the first time. Under the title 'When Father and Son...' the pair fill the great halls of Austria with music. Father and son unite pop and classical music on one stage, in a unique cross-over show the likes of which have never been seen anywhere in the world.
Redline Enterprise is the technical & creative creator of the show. A motivated, flexible and qualified team based on years of experience. "It´s the driving passion and the spirit of this job that allows us to constantly creating something unique".
Pecoraro's together with Redline Enterprise, a great orchestra, a band of top musicians and a stunning light show, seduces the audience into another world for a few hours.

The Light-Equipment:

  • 54 LED Moving-Washlight MARTIN MAC Aura
  • 32 Movinglight MARTIN MAC Quantum Profile
  • 16 Movinglight MARTIN MAC Quantum Profile
  • 8 Movinglight MARTIN MAC Viper Profile
  • 26 Movinglight MARTIN MAC Viper Wash DX
  • 30 LED Moving-Washlight GLP Impression 90
  • 24 Movinglight AYRTON Magicdot-R
  • 24 Movinglight ROBE Robin Pointe
  • 36 LED LUMIPAR7Q Tour 7x10W RGBW

Light Controlling:

  • 2 MA-LIGHTING grandMA2 light
  • Media Server MA-LIGHTING plus Mk2
  • Network Signal Prozessor MA-LIGHTING NSP
  • Network Prozessing Unit MA-LIGHTING NPU

The Sound-Equipment:

  • 18 L-ACOUSTICS dV-Dosc
  • 6 L-ACOUSTICS SB18 Subwoofer
  • 4 L-ACOUSTICS MTD 108a

The Sound Mixing Desks:

  • SOUNDCRAFT Vi6 96/64
  • MIDAS Pro3
  • MIDAS Pro1

The Sound Signal Distribution:

  • Digitalstagebox SOUNDCRAFT Vi-Serie 64in/32out
  • Digitalstagebox SOUNDCRAFT Vi-Serie 48in/24out
  • Stagebox aktiv KLARK TEKNIK DN1248 96 Channel
  • Digitalstagebox MIDAS PRO Series DL251 Analog 48in/16out
  • 2 Digitalstagebox MIDAS PRO Series DL155 Analog 8in/8out

The Video Wall:

  • 65 m2 Video Wall P5 Indoor (curved +/- 7°)
  • Media Server MA-LIGHTING plus Mk2

The show was filmed in 4k by Schroeder film & music production

  • 10 digital 35mm 4k cameras
  • Cine optics
  • 10m crane
  • Steadycam

The Creative-Team behind the Show:

  • René "Jack" Langer - Creative Director
  • Manfred Nikitser - Lighting- & Show Designer
  • Peter Schröder - Art- & Film Director
  • Andreas Frei & Florian Angerer - Sound Designer
  • Bernhard Weigl - Monitor Sound & System Designer
  • Mario Pecoraro - Producer
  • Herwig Pecoraro

Redline Enterprise is Austria’s competent full-service provider for event technical support. Redline offer professional event equipment in the fields of light, sound, video and LED, as well as stage and decoration construction. The company is internationally well-established and serve the markets of corporate events, concert touring, trade shows, special events, theatre, tv and movies.

The Social Network of Redline Enterprise:

The Redlinepeople behind this project:

René "Jack" Langer - Creative Director, Manfred Nikitser - Lighting- & Show Designer, Peter Schröder - Art- & Film Director, Andreas Frei - Sound Designer & FOH Sound Engineer, Helmut Krammer - Gaffer, Bernhard Weigl - Monitor Sound Engineer, Patrick Zapfel - PA Engineer & Stage Manager, Matthias Baumann - Backline, Michael Röhrbacher - Backline, Otto Schildknecht - Lighting Crew Chief, Philip Schindelegger - Head Electrician & Lighting Engineer, Sebastian Schönherr - Lighting Engineer, Manuel Engelberger - Lighting Engineer, Dietmar Plisnier - Lighting Engineer, Jindřich Jankulár - LED Wall , Tomás Pičman - LED Wall, Jeff Geiger - Set Technician, Zoltán Giber - Trucker, Michael Scheidl - Trucker, Zoltán Anda - Trucker

Behind the Scenes of Pecoraro & Pecoraro

Show Setup - TimeLapse

Show Teaser


Created By
Rene Langer


René Langer Photography

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