Daniel Lewis  Neighbourhood Business Support Manager

Daniel works as a Neighbourhood Business Support Manager at RBKC, he manages 4 visiting officers and 2 housing assistants. As a team, they carry out home visits, follow up on reports from residents, check for health and safety risks in properties and arrange repairs.

During the pandemic, Daniel’s role changed dramatically. Daniel was redeployed to the hub. His priority became supporting residents and making sure they could get the additional support they needed.

Daniel and his team set up a welfare call system so residents could call directly to ask for help and support:

“It gives the residents a chance to call if they need to. It helps them to feel valued and have someone to talk to.”

He worked with other departments to make sure people have what they need such as food supplies and medicine.

“I’m really proud of the work the team has done, one resident was suffering a bereavement and we had flowers sent, another needed urgent food supplies and we bought them ourselves and hand-delivered them straight away.”

Daniel says the pandemic has been a stressful time for residents, many struggling and feeling isolated. Daniel is happy to say that he has some part in easing that suffering, making people feel heard by the council.

“The welfare call system has helped to give residents faith in the council, and it gives us a chance to support them and their needs.”

Daniel and his team will continue to support residents in the local community through Christmas and into the new year.

Thank you, Daniel and to all our welfare callers!