The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Simi Himatsingani

The Spatial Experience: Since I had class until right before the play, I had a seat in the back of the auditorium. I felt like I was far removed from the play and just a spectator instead of being immersed in the story like those sitting closer to the front. I was quite excited to see the play since everyone in my discussion class seemed enthusiastic about it, so I expected the best! I enjoyed how once the play started, the actors walked through the audience and made use of the entire auditorium to enhance the experience of watching the play.
The Social Experience: My friend and I met up to watch the play together so it was nice to be able to laugh at some of the jokes and share reactions with someone I knew. We were both tired since we both had class early that morning so I guess our deliriousness added to our heightened reactions to the movement of the play. Though I went with a friend, the strangers around me also shared some of the reactions I had. I believe the role of shared experience enhances most experiences in life, but some things can be better when done alone. Seeing this play with a friend for gabbing reasons during intermission, but I personally enjoyed going to the museums by myself. I had time to absorb all the art and admire it on my own accord.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The main knowledge I had about the play was from our discussion class. It was nice to know little tidbits of information to help me pick out the major themes of the play. The central issue of the performance was the tackle between moral and ethical obligations. Many of the characters found themselves in positions where they had to do certain things for the good life and I felt like it correlated to many of the struggles we go through today in our everyday lives. Whether it be staying in on a Friday night to study for an exam on Monday or giving up dessert to eat healthy.
The Emotional Experience: The play signified a struggle between moral and ethical obligations. There were problems in the workplace as well as problems with social oppression and privileged as well as a struggle to find the truth. The play highlights the problems in that specific time and lets us reflect on the wrongs from the past and the problems we have with truth in the present.

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