Learning Guide 6 by:macy ann mcknight

Key Readings:

Exposure is controlled by ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. ISO determines the lens' sensetivity to the light. The Aperture controls the amount of light passed through the lens to the film. The Shutter Speed is the speed the curtains go to open and close while taking a photo. These three combined, determine how the other two work.

Answers to Questions:

Explain, in your own words, what a "stop" is:

A stop is either half or double the light in a photo.

Explain how aperture affects depth of field and how you can calculate your depth of field for a given shot (there are 3 variables)?:

What are some considerations when shooting with a slow shutter-speed? How does your focal length impact your shutter-speed considerations?:

When would you want to use a shallow depth of field?:

Three best pictures:


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