Numbers By Frost*

Falling Satellites

2016 | Rock

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“Lay your life out in a line, not the one that you'd design. -- Time is moving faster, breathing getting harder now. -- You're a tumble of the dice, you're a living sacrifice. -- No shooting star you're just a falling satellite."


  • Frost* is an English progressive rock supergroup, formed in 2004 by Jem Godfrey and members of Arena, Kino, and IQ.
  • Jem Godfrey explains that Falling Satellites is a midlife crisis album! "The whole album is a message to enjoy life while you have it."
  • Godfrey: "My dad died 4 weeks before I completed “Falling Satellites” and I suddenly realized how fleeting life actually is. He’d been procrastinating for years while writing a book he’d always wanted to write when he died. But now it will never be finished and it made me understand that every single second of being alive is precious. The whole album is about that – do that thing you’ve been meaning to do for ages NOW and get it done.."


Luke Tatum

War is the subject again today, and this little gem gets it right: "Send the soldiers out to war; Thave have seen it all before; Coming under fire; No winners, only losers." Soldiers are just numbers, detached in every real way from the tenderness of human connection. They form brotherly bonds with others in the same bleak situation as their own, but their whole mode of existence is that of a disposable chess piece. Move them ahead, some will die. The ones who care about the loss are thousands of miles away. The ones giving the orders have so thoroughly severed their link to humanity that they can watch soldiers die by the thousands without a care in the world. May this song serve as a reminder: To them, we are just numbers.

Sherry Voluntary

This song reminded me so much of Synchronicity, by the Police. Anyhoo, “We lit the fire, we feed the fire, we need the fire,” seems to me to be a good description of the state of fear that drives so many people through most of their lives. I think of all those that are just convinced that we need masters and rulers in order to stave off the havoc, disorder and chaos that people would inevitably wreak on one another. What many may inaccurately describe as anarchy. Ironic that it’s those very rulers, that they feel such a need for, that actually need to keep people in perpetual fear to make them believe they need rulers. It’s a sick cycle.

Nicky P

This song reminds me of the old Stalin quote: "A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic." It lays out really plainly exactly what this song is going on about. Soldiers are just numbers. A statistic. A calculation to be written off in the balance of "freedom." That's the story they feed people certainly. The truly awful truth is that the more numbers we pour in the more numbers get poured in to play the role of antagonism. Its a self igniting, self perpetuating fire burning through individuals who don't know any better.

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Nicky P