Celebrating our first year! YWAM DURANGO

Yes, it has been a year already!! So exciting!! Let us tell you a little of what has happened during this pioneer stage. God has been so good and we’ve seen open doors in places we never imagined, miracles, dreams made into reality, and above all we’ve able to participate in the purposes that God has for this city. We are so blessed!! Through following the model of a decentralized base that God spoke to us, we’ve had the opportunity to influence several areas of society like the church, government, businesses, sports, media and health.

Read ahead for more details!

Our staff

Our family has been growing though this time. Before coming to Durango we were just one couple and now we are 14! We feel so blessed with such a diverse team, full of gifts and talents, passionate to carry the name and love of God to every place they go. Do you want to meet them?

Morales Family: Edgar, Amber, Josheb & Tirzah.
Spohn Family: Andy, Meche, Andrea & Marianne.
Drake Family: Steve & Andrea.
Sánchez Family: Beto, Edith & baby Luca.

Rodriguez Family: Noel, Janeth, Nahomi, Jana & Alia.

Stephany Tolentino.
Aholi Rodriguez.
Volunteer: David Sánchez.
Volunteer: Alessandra Bacio.

Homes of Hope

One of the dreams for this beautiful city is to see families and communities being transformed in an integral way. It has been so beautiful to see how God has established connections for us with different churches, businesses, and many people who have contributed to see the dreams of these 3 families come true. Yep! We’ve built 3 houses so far! But we know that it’s not just a question of providing a place to live, but that God has called us to be a part of the transformation of every one of the families. How? Discipling! This is the most important and exciting part because God is giving strategies. We started with a10 week course for the families that are applying for a home, given before the construction of the house. The purpose is for the families to understand the purpose of Homes of Hope by learning biblical foundations. It’s been beautiful to see the families discovering their purpose in Christ and at the same time learning about life. Many of them at the end of the course have received Christ as their savior and have decided to follow him! In the same way, we’ve seen the church within the same community really rise to the challenge, even inviting Ywam to train their members in discipleship so that they can continue visiting and offering tools to these families to live life with Christ.

The heart of the ministry of Asulado is to inspire, support and empower women during the powerful stage of becoming mothers. This is a ministry that has been a dream since a few years ago and we’ve started seeing some it become reality! The baby store has opened its doors to the public, with hopes of influencing women through classes and workshops offered there. There have been some special moments like the couple working through their fears before the birth of their baby and praying for trust in God, or the single mother who says that since getting to know us feels like she’s no longer alone. We feel like walking with women through this stage is a unique way of showing God’s love.


We know that the DNA of Ywam is the Discipleship Training School (DTS) but for our first year of pioneering decided not to start one yet. Being a new base in the city, we took on the task of establishing good relationships with local pastors and ministries, working hand in hand with them and letting them see a bit of what Ywam is. Now after a year we feel ready to head towards developing our first DTS this coming year and are excited and expect.


Klesis is a course that came out of reading the book “Lifework” by Darrow Miller. In understanding that homemakers, engineers, doctors and all of those who work in whatever “secular” job are just as much within the Great Commission as those who seem to be living completely in it. This course helps people discover a biblical perspective about where we come from, who we are, and where we’re going, finding freedom and peace to serve God in whatever we do. Changing our concepts about missions and the missionary to discover that we all have the same “Klesis” (call and vocation) to honor God in everything. We had our first generation and it was amazing to see God transforming the lives of 7 people- people who follow Jesus and proclaim him in different areas of the city. Our desire is to influence in every area of society.

We have friends!

Something we loved about our first year was the chance to build relationship with several ministries in the city. CASA (Center of Assistance, Service and Support) is a ministry that has served in the city for 17 years, and has opened their doors to us in an amazing way. Their main goal is serving families who have loved ones as patients in the hospital for cancer, and they offer a shelter and soup kitchen, as well as biblical counseling. Through their service they are seeing many come to Christ. Some of our staff serve as volunteers in the soup kitchen and also in the area of counseling, with the hopes of showing Christ.

Casa de Vida y Paz is the name of the church situated in the neighborhood where we build homes. We’ve been able to make a great team together with them. And as with this church, we’ve been able to collaborate with several other churches in different projects.


During this year we had the honor of several teams who came to serve alongside us. They joined us in several different ministries, serving in schools, building homes, going to rural communities, practical work, and more. It was a blessing to have them!

With all this and more…we are grateful to our God!!

Above all, the glory is for Him who guides and helps us establish his kingdom in the city. But wa also want to thank those who have given their support. We believe God has used you as his instruments to continue in his work. Thank you God for this first year and the many to come that will bring light to Durango, Mexico, and the nations.


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