Balancing Gaming and School Work By, Liam Bedard

To get the perspective of a true gamer/ student hybrid, I met up with Ayman "Reverse" Ossan Dag-Ellams, a biotechnology student at McMaster University, and part-time professional gamer.

Picture of Ayman or "Reverse"

Ayman or Reverse's advice to all students struggling to balance their gaming life with their student life is this. "Essentially for every 30 minutes you do homework, play a match or set about 10 minutes to play, slowly increase or decrease intervals to fit your needs. But basically you should always spend more time on work then games." Ayman says. "Sometimes I lock myself in my room and and just do my studies in between loading and victory screens, other times I just abandon sleep."

Reverse is a well known figure in both the Super Smash Bros and Pokken scenes in Hamilton and even Ontario. Most recently placing within the top 8 at the Canada Cup 2016 in Pokken then placing 64th out of around 400 at the Smash Major losing to Canada's best Smash player, KirbyKaze.

The age old battle of School and Gaming
A path of success isn't just traveled without the balance of fun and work

In the end of battle of schoolwork and gaming can only have one winner, and that winner is you. By giving school the number 1 priority while still giving yourself time to have fun and sleep (most of the time), you will find you will have a happy and successful career. The balance of gaming and schoolwork has boundaries only you can set, so best of luck to you with balancing your gaming and schoolwork load!

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