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Our virtual tour will take you around the school giving you a feel for our classrooms, music rooms, school hall, playground and beyond.

Let's start by experiencing a day in the life of our youngest year group.

Please email Miss Orrett (jorrett@lyndhursthouse.co.uk) with any questions you have during the tour.

Life as a Reception pupil

Watch the videos in this section to see what our Reception Class get up to on a daily basis.

Life as a Year 3 pupil

Watch the videos in this section to see how our Year 3 class spend their days in school.

Now we will look at each section of the school more closely. Click on the buttons below to jump to that section.


Reception, Year 1 & Year 2

The Pre-Prep admits boys from the ages of four to six. The Head of Department oversees the boy’s development from Reception through to Year 2, after which they join the Lower School at seven plus (Year 3).

Our most common entry point into the school is 4+ (Reception)

The class teachers each work with a classroom assistant, providing a good pupil teacher ratio so that there is ample scope for individual help and support. Class sizes range from 10 to 18 pupils in the Pre-Prep.

We use play to fill the boys’ lives with inspiration, stimulation and fun

Some skills, such as phonics and number bonds, have a formal element in their teaching and learning, but all are applied in a range of situations to enhance understanding.

Older boys read to the Pre-Prep weekly in 'Buddy Reading' sessions

Perseverance, creativity and independence are fostered through practical hands-on experience, investigations and a range of other activities.

We hope to build a strong foundation of skills, confidence and understanding, for a lifetime of learning.

After Year 2, boys join the main school at 7+ (Year 3)

Have a look around our pre-prep classrooms below.

Lower School

Year 3 to Year 5

We acquire numerous new boys in Year 3 who integrate very well with our existing pupils who are moving up from Year 2.

Year 3 (7+) is another common entry point for our pupils

The Lower School curriculum includes Maths, English, Science, French, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Information Technology, Music, Art, P.E. and Games.

In Year 4, the boys take a year of Mandarin and from Year 5 onwards, they take Latin.

Year 4 celebrating Chinese New Year in Mandarin class

Boys start taking on more responsibility for their learning, including the completion of homework each evening.

The volume of homework increases as the boys get older

Pupils' academic and pastoral needs are carefully met with the provision of Teaching Assistants up to Year 4 who provide individual help, should this at times be required.

We are responsive to the individual needs of each boy

Take a look around our Year 3 Classroom below.

As the boys move through the Lower School, classes are increasingly taught by subject specialists. You can see our Year 4 Class in an Art Room here with our specialist Art teacher:

Students in Year 4 and above have their lessons upstairs. Follow us up to the first floor, don't miss the original stained glass window on your way up.

Upper School

Year 6 to Year 8

As you go higher up in the building, you get to the Upper School.

During the three senior years, the class format is slightly different. Classes are split into two smaller groups per year resulting in class sizes no bigger than 12 pupils.

Small class sizes allow boys to have one-on-one time with teachers

Every class in the Upper School is taught by subject specialists. We introduce new subjects to the older boys, for example Ancient Greek is taught to the top group in Years 7 and 8.

Our Head of Science teaches the Upper School in the science laboratory

Throughout the school, we use laptops to aid learning in classes as well as teaching weekly ICT lessons as part of the curriculum.

Laptops are used alongside more traditional learning materials

By Year 6, pupils have the skills to use many different types of software, and they are also given the opportunity to become authors of computational tools.

A Year 8 student used Python (a coding programme) to make this racing game below:

Boys from Lyndhurst House can be prepared for entry to any senior School in the country at 13+. This process of preparation is important and involves aiming at high academic standards.

Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life

The School continues to ensure a full and proper education during this time, as is right for the boys and as expected by Senior Schools.

Lunch & Break Times

School Lunch

There are three sittings for lunch starting from 12pm for the Pre-Prep, 12.30pm for the Lower School and 1pm for the Upper School.

All boys join the School lunch unless they have a medical reason not to. Food is prepared by our caterers on site, and there is always a vegetarian option as well as a salad bar and freshly baked dessert or fruit.

Our menu has a wide variety of choices including curry, fish and chips and vegetarian sausage rolls

Break Times

Each section of the school shares break time e.g. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have break times together. The Pre-Prep and Lower school have three breaks per day while the Upper School have two.

Break times are spent outside in the playground all year round unless it is particularly wet, when the children spend break time in their classrooms or in the school hall.

There is a range of equipment to play with in the playground
Boys of all ages like to play football at breaktime

School Sport

P.E. Lessons

Sport and games are a full part of the curriculum throughout the School helping the boys learn body awareness, co-ordination and team work.

A Year 8 badminton lesson in the playground

P.E. lessons are held either in the School hall, or on the Playground. These provide opportunities for physical exercise, skills-training, and in sports that boys may encounter at their Senior Schools.

Upper School boys take charge of PE lessons during Sports Leaders Week

We introduce a variety of sports to our students at a young age. Here is the Year 1 Class learning Yoga below:

Year 1 Yoga in the School Hall


At the appropriate times of the year, boys' main games will include football, rugby, cricket, athletics, running, and some tennis during the summer. In normal times, every boy from the age of seven has two afternoons of sport at the Playing Fields each week. At the moment, we are doing all games on site in our playground.

The U13 football team

Lyndhurst House has an extensive fixture list of matches with other Schools, at different age and ability levels, to give a very wide spectrum of boys the opportunity to play for their School.

We play fixtures against other Schools in the area


School Curriculum

Music is taught to all boys by the Director of Music in our music room as part of their weekly timetables.

Boys listen to, compose and partake in different types of music

The curriculum explores classical, popular and world music styles from the Renaissance to the present day.

We have weekly music assemblies, where boys share the joy of music. See a virtual assembly performance below:

Individual Lessons

The School has a number of excellent visiting music teachers who offer one-to-one instrumental tuition. Many boys take formal grade exams, but this is not a requirement.

Around two thirds of pupils learn a musical instrument within School time

Instruments to learn include: piano, violin, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, guitar (acoustic and electric), drum kit and cello. Singing lessons are also available.

Boys who learn an instrument within School participate in School concerts

We also have several different music clubs which take place before and after school for boys of all ages and abilities, including Ukulele Club and Music Technology.

We have a Pre-Prep music club where the boys try out new instruments

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