Lung Cancer Camden Cohick, Mark Livengood

Health related issues

Lung cancer can cause blocks within the lungs give the recipient shortness of breath. It can also cause fluids to build up within the lungs which can be very painful. Larger tumors can cause the lungs to shrink, this can increase the risk of pneumonia. If a tumor grows near nerves it can cause pain and weakness.

Treatment options

For lung cancer there is a variety of treatments. One, you can have a surgery where the doctor goes in and cuts out the cancer tissue. Two, you can go through chemo and try to kill the cancer with special medicine. Three, radiation therapy killing the cancer with radiation. Or four targeted therapy in which you take medicine to block the cancer growth.

Dominant or recessive?

Lung cancer is a recessive gene which can change how well your cells are at dying at the right time to keep a balance.

Healthy vs Unhealthy


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