SPACEJAM rock-punk-pop


SPACEJAM is lead by songwriter and guitarist Sebastian Parris, backed up by bassist Julian Bernard and drummer Pat Bouet. The seasoned musical travelers share a simple mission: to explore musical weightlessness and interplanetary interaction free of hatred and restrictions of genre.

From L to R Pat Bouet, Sebastian Parris, Julian Bernard - Pic by Anne Colliard


Sebastian Parris: Songwriter-Guitars/Vocals - Pic by Anne Colliard

Sebastian grew up near Dartford (Kent UK). At the age of 10, he took the mic and behind his guitar let this tremendous energy burst forth, this punk rock revolt that rocked his childhood. Sebastian listens to the radio, sings at the top of his voice and plays constantly. It makes sense in his head, he thinks rock can change the world. Strongly influenced by the punk scene that was emerging at that time: Sex Pistols, Clash, The Damned ... Thanks to John Peel, he discovered new groups and from now on he would be a musician. He meets The Cure in 1985 and becomes friends with Robert Smith. They will share unforgettable musical moments together. 1988 in Paris, he founded the band Bikini and works with Marc Barrière (manager of Trust and Indochine). - 1992 Bikini is signed in a subsidiary of the BMG label. Recording at the Studios de la Grande Armée in Paris. The band will open for many artists like Les Portes-Mentaux, Les Wampas, Cyclope… Sebastian has formed other groups during his career and has released several albums on independent labels…… Late 2017 with Pat and Julian, Sebastian started up SPACEJAM

Julian Bernard - Bass - Pic by Anne Colliard

Born in Annecy, (France). He started playing music at the age of 10, he learned the trombone at the Annecy Academy of Music, then the double bass. At the age of 15 he discovers the electric bass, quit the Academy, his studies and quickly begins to invest in various local rock bands, which leads him to go on tour in South America (Bolivia and Colombia) where he would stay several years and work on different styles of Latin music. Back in Europe, he discovers Jazz music with David Mougel and both founded The David Mougel Projetc, mixing the influences of each music Jazz, Rock, Electro and Funk. Julian has taken part in more than 20 recordings and has toured Europe and Latin America for over 25 years.

Pat Bouet - Drums - Pic by Anne Colliard

Drummer and singer from Geneva, (Switzerland). His father and grandfather were musicians and he studied music from the age of 7. From the first gig at the age of 14 until today, it's from studio to gigs that he crosses the time. Pat formed the successful bands Exphase, Le Soldat Inconnu, Recall… He toured on European and American stages for almost 30 years, recorded over 30 albums for various artists from rock to country music. He is currently a "hired gun" for Onemusic Studio in Geneva with the famous British guitarist John Woolloff.



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Created By
Sebastian Parris


pics by Chris Palette