Power In Fashion By: Sophie Nunez

Just a few years ago Carmen Johnson, a Community High School Junior felt no connection to fashion or the way she dressed. Coming into freshman year Johnson began thrifting with her friends and began to discover a love for fashion.

“I started thrifting more and going shopping with my friends,” Johnson said. “when you have friends who share the same interest in fashion as you it makes it easier to express yourself.”

Johnson’s favorite way to spice up an outfit is with accents of gold jewelry and headbands. Her favorite piece of jewelry is her gold chain and silver ring. Johnson’s headband was made by her friends grandma

"I really like [The headbands], the color and the texture is really nice and a lot of them can go with a lot of outfits that I have," Johnson said. "They're bright so they mix up my outfits a little."

"I went to the mall and normally I don't really like spending a lot of money but I saw these shoes were $30, I knew some of my friends had a pair of them and they paid like $75 so figured that was a good deal,” Johnson said. “I got them and I just wear them every day because they're my favorite shoes now, and they pretty much go with anything."

Johnson’s love for fashion goes further than just a hobby, she finds power in the way she dresses. Her daily outfits bring her confidence and with confidence comes power.

“I think power is about feeling comfortable,” Johnson said. “not everyone will understand you and your fashion choices, but as long as you feel comfortable, and feel like you are saying something about yourself, that's powerful.”