Afghan Children Of War Ellen Norington and Tatiana Perez

War is a terrible thing, it tears families apart and takes lives. Many adults are horrified by the sight of the terror of war, but what about the children...

Children are very sensitive to their environment, as well as the people around them.

"These governments prevent our people from establishing the Islamic Shariah, using violence and lies to do so."

Corrupt governments can limit the amount of experience outside of where kids live. This limits what children can see and hear in different situations. For instance, when many of the freedom fighters where supposedly massacred by the Americans, the children see injustice because they don't see the same way as the American people. The children see murder while we see the need to protect themselves and their families. These children believe whatever they are told by their "all knowing" government.

"Bin laden publishes a fatwa declaring jihad (holy war) on all “non-believing crusaders” and jews."

Religion is a key factor in how a child perseveres the world around them. In Afghanistan, Islamic law has been set in place. From how each child is raised, God's word is true and must be trusted. Therefore, any non-believer is is to be looked down upon as an enemy.

“Assistance for political development to coincide with efforts to stabilize the Afghan economy”

During one of the president Bush's speeches, he mentions the attempt to reconstruct Afghanistan's declining economy. The economy can effect many abilities of industry in the country. This prohibits many of the children living there from obtaining clean or new products.

“destruction of infrastructure throughout the country”

Infrastructure plays an important role in a child’s life. With the destruction of it through war consequences, a child can become deprived of many opportunities such as education and a clean environment to live in.

Because of the different unfortunate events being faced by the children in Afghanistan, more hands are needed to do work around the different homes and areas. This work is given to children due to parents already having to much work to do already.

War takes lives. this can result in a multiplying number of orphans, loosing homes, and unemployment.
“the war-torn country.”

The impact that war has on people can be fatal. In America many children turn bad situations into jokes or try turning the heavy melancholy feeling down. This can mean that children see war in different ways. Resulting i games about war, therefore impacting the way children feel about it. Some see it as good and find the violence more like an entertaining movie. Others see it as bad and are negatively affected by it. Some religions are prohibited by government, raising violence from the strong opinions of heavy minded people.

Children still smiling in "war-torn" Afghanistan. Ready to fight with other men to protect there beliefs.

But, it is still possible to make a difference and there is still hope in:





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Reality of Children in Afghanistan, irama, Published on Jan 30, 2015,

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Tatiana and Ellen Perez and Norrington


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