The Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA) offers two summer internships with our research team; the first is for high school students, between their junior and senior years, to help them gain a hands-on understanding of work and job opportunities within the STEM field. Our second internship is for college undergraduates who are looking to gain ‘real world’ research experience. The application period for an ORCA internship opens on December 1st and closes February 1st. If selected for an interview, interviews will take place during the month of February. Applicants will be notified of their application status by March 1st. The internship lasts from the beginning of June to the middle of August (the timeframe can be adjusted to meet the intern’s schedule, but commitment is for a full summer internship). All ORCA internships are unpaid and do not provide housing. Through an internship with ORCA, students are exposed to experiences that will develop some of the most important skills needed in the work place.

Interns will help current ORCA scientists with ongoing projects, but will also complete an independent project based on current funding.

Responsibilities include:

  • Review scientific literature
  • Conduct a web search based on topic of project
  • Organize data
  • Participate and assist staff in current ongoing projects in the field and laboratory
  • Create and perform protocols for research project
  • Communicate results of projects to the ORCA team and the public


  • Basic lab techniques
  • Communicating both with staff and the public
  • Working well as part of an active, productive team
  • Basic understanding of Word and Excel
  • Have the ability to learn from mistakes


No prior experience is needed but highly recommended


  • Minimum of 30-40 hours per week
  • On-site interview is preferred prior to internship offer but other accommodations can be made available (skype, over the phone, etc.)


  • There will be two evaluations, one midway through the internship and one upon completion. These evaluations are conducted by the intern's mentor and are designed to primarily provide feedback on job performance to ensure the intern understands which areas their performance is meeting or exceeding employer standards, and in which areas they need to work harder or make adjustments.


*While the application for internships is only available for the summer dates, please contact volunteer@teamorca.org for more information regarding the possibility of a fall or spring internship. These internships will be given on an as needed basis.