Why the environment loves you for buying sustainably Saying no to fast fashion

Have you ever wondered “what’s so bad about these cheap clothes?” Or thought “what are the negative impacts from ‘Fast Fashion’?” Or maybe “what is the point of buying sustainable products?”

When choosing to purchase a sustainable product, it means that you are not encouraging the depletion of non-renewable resources. This is one of the major negative impacts that ‘Fast Fashion’ has on the environment. Fast Fashion is cheap clothing produced and sold in large quantities, often only sticking around until that fashion trend fizzles out, before ending up in landfill. The greenhouse gas emissions produced by these factories that are working around the clock to feed the current fashion trends makes the fashion industry one of the largest industry polluters in the world.

The materials used to make these products – such as polyester, nylon and acrylic – are generally petroleum based. The emissions that petroleum based materials release are some of the highest contributors to environmental degradation.

But don’t worry, it isn’t all doom and gloom! Nowadays sustainability is finding its place in more households, and companies are listening. There are some great sustainable materials available, so be sure to keep an eye out when you’re treating yourself next. Buying products made from recycled materials, such as recycled plastic (see our Eco Shorts 😉), means less petroleum based product emissions for our poor ozone layer, and less plastic ending up in landfill. Buying products made from bamboo is another great alternative as the growing of bamboo uses no pesticides and very little water. A group of bamboo trees produces 35% more oxygen than that of an equivalent stand of trees, making bamboo an important environmental contributor. Let us know your favourite sustainable materials to look out for in the comment section below.

Another area that you can really make a difference is by purchasing bio-degradable postage bags and buying from companies that use bio-degradable packaging. Aussies throw away 1.9 billion tonnes of plastic packaging annually. Think about how many packages you get delivered at Christmas time, or even on a monthly basis. Online shopping is such a prominent part of our lives now and we need to be mindful of the impact it is having on our environment. SevenC’s use bio-degradable postage bags for all our orders, and the packaging our shorts come in is landfill compostable. You can purchase your own compostable postage bags online HERE (https://www.betterpackaging.com/).

Next time you purchase a sustainably made product and you feel a little tap on your behind, just know that’s Mother Nature showing her appreciation to you for making an environmentally conscious decision!