The Market Gives 2 Fucks About you

As a social media marketer in 2017 I am learning a ton. I never stop testing, failing, succeeding, doing. Here’s my journey through the madness of client services and life.

Lesson number 1: The market doesn’t give a fuck about what you think.

It’s really simple, and I learned this a long time ago, but I keep getting reminded everyday. The market doesn’t give a fuck about what you or I think. We can make educated guesses, but that’s all it is, a subjective educated guess. The market gets to decide.

Working in client services, it’s very hard to get them to answer this question, because if you fail you are held accountable, so many give a vague goal that can be disputed if it doesn’t do well. Don’t do this. If you fail then great! Learn from what you did and counter punch that campaign in the face. Implement, learn, fail/win, do, repeat.

How are you going to prove that this campaign will fail?

What metric are you basing your assumption off of, in the sense that this campaign is going to fail?

I could say the same for it being successful. What metric would you use?

This answer is predicated on what the number one KPI of the campaign is. This is the question people are afraid to answer. Or they make it so vague. Here’s an example of vague questions for social media:

• Raise brand awareness

• Engagement rate

• Drive online sales

• Drive online sign-ups

• Generate leads

See if they do it this way, then they can say we did generate 20 leads or we did drive online sales by $200,000, but it doesn’t hold them accountable to a specific number. Make specific goals like this:

• Raise brand awareness by 10 PT

• Increase post engagement rates to 10%

• Drive $500,000 worth of online sales

• Drive 3,000 online sign-ups

• Generate 45 leads

Conclusion, don’t jump to subjective conclusions without trying first. The market gets to decide, not you. Finally, make S.M.A.R.T goals.


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