What the Sawtooths Mean to Us by Jerry Dodds

The Sawtooth Range and the Stanley Basin represent a mystical, magical, wonderland of trees, lakes, majestic mountains and amazing people. Formed more than 50 million years ago, the granite peaks and the Stanley Basin have been continuously carved by glaciers and raging rivers to form this magical land.

The Outlet

For five generations our families have fished, camped, skied, white watered and worked in this very special place. The Sawtooths have become our family's second home. It is where we have developed solid friendships that have stood the test of time. The Sawtooths and Stanley Basin have always been a friendly place where we feel at home. Our grandchildren are experiencing many of the activities their grandparents and parents have experienced.

Moonlit night. Friday night at Redfish Lake. Stanley Fourth of July.

Redfish and Stanley Lakes have become the homes for our souls. It is where we gather to have fun and joy and recall past days. We reflect on loved ones who can no longer be with us, tell stories and get together with old friends. Fishing, boating, hiking, swimming and the beaches are always available during the day. In the evening we can enjoy local concerts under the stars, have amazing food at the local eateries and take in the wondrous light shows of one of the nation’s best “‘dark sky” zones.

Sawtooth trailer camping. Guard duty

The Sawtooths beg to be photographed. The seasons, the water, the time of day or night, the trees and mountains are always giving the photographer a new challenge and opportunity. The Sawtooths are our land of meditation and rejuvenation. There is no place like the Sawtooths; it is our little slice of heaven.

Sawtooth fence.

(All photos by Jerry Dodds.)