El Salvador By reese huwa


El Salvador is in the Northern and the Western Hemispheres. As you can see it is boardering Guatemala and Honduras. The continent that El Salvador is on is South America.

San Salvador

The capital city is named San Salvador. The coordinates of San Salvador are (89°,14°)

Physical Charcteristics

Gulf of Fonseca

Five major physical features are Lempa River, Santa Ana Volcano, Gulf of Fonseca, Cerro El Pitta, and Lake Olomega.

El Salvador is in the Tropical zone. It is in between the lines Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.


El Salvador's total population since 2015 is 6.42 million people. This is actually small but it is a small contry. This is 47th in th world. El Salvadoor's population density is 793 people per square mile. This is pretty crowded.

People in El Salvador

El Salvador's growth rate is .616% . This is slow. Fertility rate is 1.93 births per woman. (2014)

San Salvador

Top five largest cities in El Salvador. San Salvador= 567698 people. Soyapango, San Salvador= 241403 people. Santa Ana= 204340 people. San Miguel= 183733 people. Mejicanos= 140751.

El Salvador is more urban than rural because 64% of people live in cities.

Many people are leaving El Salvador because it is one of the most dangerous and violent.


El Salvador is not a developed country. It is a developing country. This is because it meets none of the requirments to be a developed country. To be a developed country you need to have around $30,000 GDP per capita. The average life expactancy is 78 years, but El Salvador only has 74.18 years. Averace literacy rate is 99% and El Salvador's is only at 84.5%. These are my reasons why El Salvador is a developing country.


Two main languages spoken in El Salvador are Spanis and Nahua.

Six main religions of El Salvador are Roman Cathlic 57.1%, Protestant 21.2%, Jehovah's Wittness 1.9%, Mormon .7%, other religions 2.3%, and none 16.8%.

The sports played in El Salvador are almost the same as in America.

One strange dish in El Salvador is called pupusa. This is a thick homemade corn flour tortilla stuffed with cheese.


The Tazumal has to do with the ruins and history.


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