My Photography Journey By Lewis Kerr

I was washing my dishes one day and I came across the amazing site of bubbles inside of a hand wash bottle. I thought that it would be an amazing photo. For this photo I used a "fill the frame" technique to show in detail the shine of each single bubble , but at the same time I feel as if I used more of "The Rule of thirds" as the circle of bubbles are in the right 6 boxes and the background is on the left 3 . I really liked taking this photo because of the creative thinking process the idea itself.
I took this photo during the lantern festival and was trying to find the contrast between bright light and darkness. I used glow sticks for the orange and blue lights. I swung the glow sticks around to cause a sort of lag affect in my camera. This caused an amazing shot of movement. I used the fill the frame technique to pull the colours closer to the viewer. I really liked this photo because it really extracted the colour from the glow sticks.
This is my photo shopped image of my friend Jamie. I used the rule of thirds to separate the black & white of the background and bright red & green of the flowers as you can see the flowers are placed in the middle of the shot. I used Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 software to create this amazing image. Creating this image wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be as I had never used photoshop before and from videos online it seemed quite hard. I simply changed the tint of the photo to black and white and played around with the exposure, then I erased the black and white tint only from the flowers and voila! I got this idea when I was scrolling through cool photoshops and thought that it was a great way of extracting colour.
One night when I was on my way home from a friends house, I was walking down Lee Garden Road in Causeway Bay and notice what would be magnificent street photo. This photo was taken with my Iphone 5s camera with a noir tint to symbolize the old fashion aspect of street photos. I really loved this street photo because it makes me feel more sophisticated with the way I used the lighting of all of the signs and the shine of the car light to my advantage.

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