JAN 22- Room Parent Meeting, 6:30 pm, computer lab

JAN 26 - Minimum Day, 12 Noon Dismissal, WASC/WCEA Teacher-Inservice

JAN 28-FEB. 3- Catholic Schools Week

JAN 28 - Catholic Schools Sunday

JAN 29 - School Board Meeting, 6:30 pm

FEB. 2 - 30th Annual Walkathon, Minimum Day, 12 Noon Dismissal, Extended Care until 4:00 pm

FEB 5 - Blessing of the Throat, 9:00 am, in the lunch area

FEB 9 - No School, Teacher In-service Day

FEB 13 - Mardi Gras Prayer Celebration, 11:30 am in the church

FEB 14 - Ash Wednesday, First Day of Lent

Student of the Month

Congratulations to our students who were chosen Student of the Month for December. We are proud of our Effective Communicators! Keep on working hard to achieve your goals- Way to go!

Kindergarten- Arabella Sofia Cordero, Mya Nieto

First Grade- Roman Maciel, Levy Marquez

Second Grade- Erick Oceguera, Jojo Ninh

Third Grade- Kathleen Gonzalez, Victoria Orduno

Fourth Grade- Elizabeth Pinedo, Viviana Terriquez

Fifth Grade- Adah Burgen, Vianca Terriquez

Sixth Grade - Joshua Sanchez

Seventh Grade - Ivan Sanchez

Eighth Grade - Neo Flores

Computer - Emilio Guerrero, Camila Regalado

Physical Education - Thomas Fair, Ivan Sanchez, Haley Maloy, Ariana Raya

OLPH Spelling Bee

Congratulations to the following students who did an awesome job at our Annual Spelling Bee last Wednesday! We are very proud of these students!

Eighth Grade - Nicolas Aguirre, Neo Flores, Vy Ninh

Seventh Grade - Jillian Brown, Isabella Reed, Gladys Armenta

Sixth Grade - Vanessa Castro, Alejandro Salomon, Haley Maloy

Fifth Grade - Adah Burgen, Avery Crousillac, Vianca Terriquez

Fourth Grade - Daisy Castro, Viviana Terriquez, Lucas Sear

Our runner-up champion is Avery Crousillac. Way to go!

The winner of the competition is Lucas Sear, who will be representing OLPH in the Diocesan Spelling Bee in February. Good luck Lucas! We know you will do a great job!

Flu Season

As you know the flu season is here. We encourage you to take preventive measures to ensure your family does not get sick this winter. Here are a few tips:

*Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

*Cover your mouth or nose with a tissue if you sneeze or use your upper sleeve (not your hands) if you have no tissue.

*Disinfect shared objects and common areas, clean doorknobs, tables, telephones, countertops, etc.

*Avoid sharing personal items such as eating utensils, toothbrush, drinking cups or straws, etc.

*Be careful around those who are sick. Stay away at least 6 feet from people who are coughing or sneezing. Do not touch or rub your eyes and always wash your hands immediately after any contact with someone who is sick.

*Be ready to arrange for the care of your family and household responsibility should a family member become ill..

Flu shots are available throughout the county. For information on flu shots contact the Riverside County Health Department.

Reminder: If your child becomes ill, he/she cannot return to school without a doctor's note releasing the child back to school.

Room Parents

There will be a room parent meeting tonight Monday January 22 at 6:30 pm in the computer lab. This meeting will discuss our preparation for our school's Mardi Gras celebration and Nite @ the Races. We hope to see you here!

Walkathon 2018

Thank you to our families who have turned in the volunteer form, student contract, and permission slip. If you haven't turned in the forms, please do so as soon as possible. We are so excited about our Walkathon on Friday February 2nd! Here are a few reminders:

*The pledge sheet is due Tuesday, January 30.

*All students are to arrive to school no later than 8:00 am on Friday February 2.

*Students can wear their PE shirt, school spirit t-shirt, or school uniform shirt with their uniform pants or shorts. Students may also wear spirit accessories.

*We will be needing oranges for all participants. If you can donate cut up oranges, it certainly will be appreciated. Students love these oranges as a treat when walking.

*We will also need cupcakes. Please remember that cupcakes need to be store bought.

*We need volunteers to help supervise students. There will also be stations in which volunteers will be assigned. Please bring a chair, water bottle, and hat/visor.

Let's make this year's Walkathon a success! We are looking forward to a fun event!

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is an annual national celebration of the important role that Catholic elementary and secondary schools across the country play in providing a values-added education for America's young people. Catholic schools are proud of their educational network that emphasizes intellectual, spiritual, moral, physical, and social values in their studies. Catholic Schools Week is a key part of the yearlong National Marketing Campaign for Catholic Schools. Catholic Schools Week begins Sunday January 28 - February 3, 2018.

This year's theme "Catholic Schools-Learn.Serve.Lead.Succeed" encompasses the core products and values that can be found in Catholic schools across the country. Not only are we teaching students to become future servant leaders, faith-filled disciples, and enriched citizens in our communities, we as educators, are growing with them. Our Lady of Perpetual Help School celebrates Catholic Schools Week 2018 and welcomes you to join them! Here is a list of activities:

Sunday, January 28- Catholic Schools Sunday- We ask each family to attend one of the OLPH Masses- 6:30 Spanish, 8:15 English, 10:00 Spanish, 12:00 English or 2:00 Spanish in recognition for Catholic education. Students are to come to church in their school Mass uniform. Our OLPH Choir will be singing at the 8:15 am Mass under the leadership of Music Director, Jennifer Brown.

Monday, January 29 - Academic Day- Mathlete vs. Athletics- Students may dress as a jock or a nerd. There will be after lunch activities sponsored by Student Council. In addition, 7th and 8th Grades will be going to Xavier College Preparatory High School for the Junior High Mass.

Tuesday, January 30 - Student Appreciation Day - Students may come to school dressed as a twin for "Twin Day" or come in "Free Dress", Lunch will be provided followed by movies after lunch.

Wednesday, January 31 - Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day- Student Council will host a luncheon for the staff. There will be a activity beach volleyball-staff vs. students after lunch. Students are welcomed to recognize their teacher this day.

Thursday, February 1 - Faith Day - Students may bring in a canned food item, clothing, or blanket that will be donated to Catholic Charities. There will also be "School Family" activities and enrichment in scripture. It is our school Mass day. All are invited!

Friday, February 2 - Walkathon - Wear spirit gear/accessories- All are welcome!

Saturday, February 3 - Catholic Schools Week Banquet-Recognition of Teachers, Alumni, Volunteers, Staff and Leaders throughout the Diocese of San Bernardino -Congratulations to Mrs. Mary Rodriguez, Distinguished Teacher; John & Mara Kuchinski, Distinguished Volunteers; Sarah Romero, Distinguished Alumnus and the Catholic Daughters of the America, Court of the Valley, Indio 1462 who will be receiving an award at the Catholic Schools Week Banquet in Ontario.

Sports Program

Basketball Season is off to a great start! Students are excited and ready to play other schools. Both girls' and boys' teams have been practicing after school under the direction of our coaches Mr. Meza, Mr. Covarrubias, Mr. Saenz, and Mrs. Saenz.

Mrs. Saenz has also kept students busy with the OLPH Track Team. Practices are Monday-Wednesday after school. The track meet is scheduled for Saturday March 17.

Thank you to our coaches for supporting our students by helping them to active in sports!

Blessing of the Throat

Saturday, February 3 is the Feast of St. Blaise. St. Baise is the patron saint of throat illnesses, animals, wool combers, and wool trading. We know more about the devotion to St. Blaise by Christians around the world than we know about the saint himself. His feast is observed as a holy day in some Eastern churches. In 1222, the Council of Oxford prohibited servile labor in England on Blase's feast day. The Germans and Slavs hold him in special honor, and for decades many United States Catholics have sought the annual St. Blase blessing for their throats.

We know that Bishop Blase was martyred in his episcopal city of Sebastea, Armenia, in 316. The legendary Acts of St. Blase were written 400 years later. According to them Blase was a good bishop, working hard to encourage the spiritual and physical health of his people. Although the Edict of Toleration (311), granting freedom of worship in the Roman Empire, was already five years old, persecution still raged in Armenia. Blase was apparently forced to flee to the back country. There he lived as a hermit in solitude and prayer, but he made friends with the wild animals. One day a group of hunters seeking wild animals for the amphitheater stumbled upon Blase's cave. They were first surprised and then frightened. The bishop was kneeling in prayer surrounded by patiently waiting wolves, lions, and bears.

The legend has it that as the hunters hauled Blaise off to prison, a mother ame with her young son who had a fish bone lodged in his throat. At Blaise's command the child was able to cough up the bone.

Agricolaus, governor of Cappadocia, tried to persuade Blaise to sacrifice to pagan idols. The first time Blaise refused, he was beaten. The next time he was suspended from a tree and his flesh torn with iron combs or rakes. (English wool combers, who used similar iron combs, took Blaise as their patron. They could easily appreciate the agony the saint underwent.) Finally, he was beheaded.---American Catholic.org

The Catholic Church recognizes this special day, the Blessing of the Throat. There will be a small prayer service at the lunch tables at 9:00 am on Monday February 5. Anyone is welcomed to join us. All present will receive a blessing.

Save the Date!
OLPH Marquee

If you are interested in placing a birthday, wedding, anniversary or just a hello on our marquee, feel free to do so with the attached form. Requests must be received one week in advance.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School collects Box Tops! We are asking families and students to clip and turn in Box Tops for Education. Please see the list below of products that have Box Tops. This is a great way to earn money for our school. Your support is appreciated.


*Begin your morning with prayer.

*Read everyday to your child.

*Be courteous in the parking lot. Follow guidelines for the Bliss Ave parking lot and the Staff parking lot. Be patient and observant of others.

*Remind your child to dress in correct school uniform.

*Please check with your child to see if he/she has all their belongings

*Payments are due for extended care by the 25th of each month.

"Don't waste time hiding your heart. Fill your life with the Holy Spirit. "-Pope Francis

Catholic Calendar, St. Vincent
January 22 (d.304)

When Jesus deliberately began his "journey" to death, Luke says that he "set his face" to go to Jerusalem. It is this quality of rocklike courage that distinguishes the martyrs.

Most of what we know about this saint comes from the poet Prudentius. His Acts have been rather freely colored by the imagination of their compiler. But St. Augustine, in one of his sermons on St. Vincent, speaks of having the Acts of his martyrdom before him. We are at least sure of his names, his being a deacon, the place of his death and burial.

According to the story Vincent was ordained deacon by his friend St. Valerius of Zaragossa in Spain. The Roman emperors had published their edicts against the clergy in 303, and the following year against the laity. Vincent and his bishop were imprisoned in Valencia. Hunger and torture failed to break them. Like the youths in the fiery furnace, they seemed to thrive on suffering.

Valerius was sent into exile, and Dacian, the Roman governor, now turned the full forces of his fury on Vincent. Tortures that sound like those of World War II were tried. But their main effect was the progressive disintegration of Dacian himself. He had the torturers beaten because they failed.

Finally he suggested a compromise: Would Vincent at least give up the sacred books to be burned according to the emperor's edict? He would not. Torture on the gridiron continued, the prisoner remaining courageous, the torturer losing control of himself. Vincent was thrown into a filthy prison cell-and converted the jailer. Dacian wept with rage, but strangely enough, ordered the prisoner to be given some rest.

Friends among the faithful came to visit him, but he was to have no earthly rest. When they finally settled him on a comfortable bed, he went to his eternal rest.----from www.americancatholic.org

What is your Catholic IQ?

Last Question

When the angel told Elizabeth's husband Zachary that he was going to be a father of John the Baptist

c. he didn't believe the angel and was struck mute for 9 months.

New Question

Blasphemy means

a. speaking or acting against God.

b. blowing up a building with dynamite.

c. being sly.

d. having a good time at a party.

See answer in next bulletin!

Prayer Corner

Please pray for:

Pope Francis

Most Reverend Bishop Gerald Barnes

Father Alex, Father Edwin

OLPH Catholic School and Parish Community

World leaders in all nations

Those who are ill

The military and their families

Violence and Injustice

Peace among humanity

Our Lady of Perpetual Help pray for us and bless our school

Created By
Ms. Diane Arias, Principal

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