MAY 10 - Mother's Day School Liturgy, 8:30 am

MAY 11 - Pretzel Sale

MAY 12 - Nite @ the Races fundraiser, Heritage Palms Country Club , 4:00 pm

MAY 13- Mother's Day

MAY 16- OLPH Spring Concert, parish center, 7:00 pm

MAY 17- May Crowning, School Liturgy, 8:30 am

MAY 18- Pretzel Sale, Student Council Pep Rally, 2;15

May 19- 4th Parents' Club Maintenance Day, 7:30 am-12:00 pm

May 21- Sports Awards, 2:00 pm in the church, Sports Banquet, 6:00 pm in the parish center

May 23- Student Council Elections for 2018-2019 school year

May 24- Parent Workshop-Summer Reading Tips, 6:30 pm

May 25- OLPH Talent Show, 6:30 pm

May 28-Memorial Day, No School

June 1- Minimum Day, 12 noon dismissal, Faculty Meeting, Last Day of School for Kindergarten & 8th grade

June 2- 8th Grade Graduation, 10:00 am in the church

June 7- End of the Year Awards Assembly, 7:00 pm in the church

June 8-Minimum Day, Last Day of School, 3rd Trimester Awards Assembly, 10:45 am, No Extended Care

Student of the Month

Congratulations to our students who were chosen Student of the Month for April! We are proud of our students who were chosen as a Responsible Person, Worldwide Citizen, or Life Long Learner. Thank you for all you do to stay on top of your studies, helping the teacher when you can, listening and following directions, and exemplifying Christian values You deserve this award. Way to Go!

Kindergarten- Amauri G. Arambula, Jaxson D. Pena

First Grade- Ariana Chaparro, Maxamus Martinez

Second Grade- Ariana Raya, Uriel Rubio

Third Grade- Christopher Bryan, Quinn Crousillac

Fourth Grade- Frida Andrade

Fifth Grade- Isabella Rose Diaz, Emily Santos

Sixth Grade - Maria Montanez

Seventh Grade - Isabella Reed

Eighth Grade - Christine Cao

Computer - Allan Martinez, Kaleb Wuertz, Uriel Rubio, Nathan Jax Ortiz

Physical Education - Maria Montanez, Ty Meraz, Christopher Barajas Lopez, Daniela Castro

Mother's Day School Liturgy

This Thursday is our special Mother's Day Liturgy at 8:30 am. Please join us for this beautiful Mass and tribute to all Mothers, Grandmothers, and Mother Figures.

Nite @ the Races!

This event is here! We are ready to have some fun and give away wonderful prizes. If you haven't purchased your tickets, stop by the office this week as there is a limited supply available. Thank you to our Nite @ the Races Committee for all their work in organizing and preparing for this fabulous evening!-Mrs. Mary Rodriguez, Mrs. Sarah Romero, Mrs. Celina Jimenez, Mrs. Daniela Saenz, Mrs. Gretchen Diaz, Mrs. Jennifer Berzon, Mr. Justin Berzon, Mrs. Nydia Santos, Mrs. Eleanor Salas, Mrs. Diane Martinez, Ms. Aimee Stevens, Mrs. Margaret Nieto and Mrs. Diane Arias

See you Saturday!

OLPH Annual Spring Concert

Mark your calendar for Wednesday May 16. The OLPH Choir and OLPH Musicians will be performing at 7:00 pm in the parish center. The students are very excited to share their talent with you! Come for a night out and support our musicians and singers. We are very proud of each student for their achievement in music. Thank you to Mrs. Jennifer Brown, Music Director, for preparing these students and sharing her gift and love of music with them.

3rd Grade First Holy Communion

Congratulations to the following students who received the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist on Saturday April 28. It was such a beautiful liturgy. Thank you Mrs. Shepherd for preparing your students. God is Good! All the time God is Good!

Jaylen Aguilar, Bryan Christopher, Jazlyn Castaneda, Quinn Crousillac, Brandon Domingo, Kathleen Gonzalez, Isabella Guzman, Nghia Hoang, Natalia Hoyle, Abigail Huerta, Zoe Lerma, Zackary Muniz, Joel Nunez, Victoria Orduno, Roman Rodriguez, Veronika Romero, Isaiah Simon, Brianna Vargas, Sadie Galvan, Jonathan Valenzuela

"I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the wonderful things you have done. I will sing with joy because of you. I will sing praise to you Almighty God." Psalm 9:1-2

May Crowning

Please join us in our special liturgy for our Blessed Mother Mary who will be crowned by one of our eighth grade student's. This is one way in which we Catholics give devotion to our Blessed Virgin Mary. It is only appropriate to honor the "Queen of May" with a special May Crowning. All are welcome on Thursday May 17 at 8:30 am.

Maintenance Day

The last maintenance day of the year is Saturday May 19. If you haven't completed your 3 hours of maintenance, please do so then. We are scheduled to begin at 7:30 am. Please bring a bucket or pail, paper towels, trash bags, towels to clean, disinfect cleaner, tools for the grounds such as a rake, blower, weed wacker, etc.- anything you can think of that you use at home to clean your house or yard. The school has limited supplies. Thank you for your support!

OLPH Sports Awards and Sports Banquet

Mark your calendar!--Monday May 21-Sports Awards, 2:00 pm in the church, Sports Banquet 6:00 pm in the parish center


On Wednesday May 23, students in grades 3-8 will be voting for our 2018-2019 Student Council. All are invited to listen to the speeches at 11:30 am in the lunch area. Good luck to all students running for a position on the council next year!

Parent Workshop

Wondering what to do with your children over the summer? How can you help them in their studies? Take some time out of your busy schedule to learn some tips you can use while working with your children in reading and comprehension strategies, during summer vacation. Mrs. Marjorie Castro, Educator and Consultant for Desert Sands Unified School District, will facilitate this valuable parent workshop. She is very knowledgeable and always willing to share ideas with others. Any parent attending will receive 2 general service hours. Please contact the school office if you would like to attend so we can add your name to our list. We hope to see you here!

When: Thursday May 24

Where: OLPH Computer Lab

Time: 6:30-7:45 pm

OLPH Talent Show

Save the Date!

Student Council is sponsoring a talent show on Friday May 25. All are invited to see the various performances of our students. Each contestant has been working hard to show their special gift God has given them. Why not come out and support our brave performers? It will begin at 6:30 pm in the parish center. We are looking forward to a very nice evening presented to you by our very own students!


OLPH School will be providing a full day summer school for six weeks. The summer curriculum offers enrichment classes in the subject areas of English, Writing, Math, Science, and Religion, along with fun Arts and Games. If you are interested and would like to enroll your child/ren, stop by the school office for an application. The program begins June 18.

Internet Safety

There is a wealth of information on the Internet, making it a great tool and resource for kids and parents. However, the Internet is not always the safest place to be. Here are a few safety tips that can help keep your child safe online.

*The computer should be in an open area, not in a child's room. This way you can monitor usage.

*Kids need to feel they can be trusted. Assure your children that you can count on them to use the Internet responsibly.

*Set clear expectations for your child based on age and maturity. Write down rules and place by the computer. What websites should your child be using for research? What sites are he/she allowed to visit for fun?

*Use a filtering software designed to help you limit the websites children can access.

*Tell your child if you are using software to track online activity. Remind him/her you are not spying; you are keeping him/her safe.

*Stay involved with your child's school by remaining close contact with the teacher.

*Instruct your child not to give personal information online, including gender, age, full name. school, address or teams. Teach your child to be generic or anonymous on the Internet.

Remember, open communication creates a relationship of trust that will make this process easier.

OLPH Marquee

If you are interested in placing a birthday, wedding, anniversary or just a hello on our marquee, feel free to do so with the attached form. Requests must be received one week in advance.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School collects Box Tops! We are asking families and students to clip and turn in Box Tops for Education. Please see the list below of products that have Box Tops. This is a great way to earn money for our school. Your support is appreciated.


*Begin your morning with prayer.

*Read everyday to your child.

*Be courteous in the parking lot. Follow guidelines for the Bliss Ave parking lot and the Staff parking lot. Be patient and observant of others.

*Remind your child to dress in correct school uniform.

*Please check with your child to see if he/she has all their belongings

*Payments are due for extended care by the 25th of each month.

*Turn in your registration form for the next school year.

*Yearbooks are on sale for $25.00. Order forms are in the office

"Our Lady Queen of the Rosary, pray that Jesus may have mercy on us sinners"-Pope Francis

Catholic Calendar
Saint Christopher Magallanes, Priest & Companions, Martyrs

Saint Christopher Magallanes was joined in martyrdom by twenty-one diocesan priests and three devout laymen, all members of the Cristeros Movement, who rose up in rebellion against the anti-Catholic Mexican government during the 1920's. Having erected a seminary at Totatiche, he secretly spread the Gospel and ministered to the people. When imprisoned by the government authorities, he was heard to shout from his cell; " I am innocent and I die innocent. I forgive with all my heart those responsible for my death, and I ask God that the shedding of my blood serve the peace of our divided Mexico." - From americancatholic.org

What is your Catholic IQ?

Last Question

Jesus' tunic was woven in one piece without any seams, so when he was crucified the soldiers

a. rolled dice to see who would get it.

New Question

The two main parts of the Mass are the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the

a. Hours.

b. People.

c. New Roman Missal

d. Eucharist.

See answer in next bulletin!

Prayer Corner

Please pray for:

Pope Francis

Most Reverend Bishop Gerald Barnes

Father Alex, Father Edwin

OLPH Catholic School and Parish Community

World leaders in all nations

Soul of Lizzeth Perez and her family

Soul of Dario Larez and his family

Soul of Jose Meza Zamora and his family

Violence and Injustice

Peace among humanity

Our Lady of Perpetual Help pray for us and bless our school

Created By
Ms. Diane Arias, Principal

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