Newsletter January-February 2021

Covid-19 Update

From 6th of January 2021, England has entered in the third national lockdown. Schools have been closed for the duration but nurseries remain open. We have been advised by the Department for Education that during the period of national lockdown, childminders and childminder agencies can continue to allow children to attend as normal, except for school-aged children. Childminders caring for school-aged children (including reception children) should only open for children who are eligible for on-site school attendance, namely vulnerable children and those of critical workers.

Please Click Here to read our full Safety Guide.

Updated Contact Details

Office 020 3876 9853: (best number during office hours)

Decima: 07876251834

Marilyn: 07899781167

Karis: 07899780754

Samantha: 07735 880179

Welcome to our new chidren and their families

Amid all the uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought, I am happy to welcome our new starters....The Dee's Childcare family is growing bigger by the day. Our new space is allowing us to welcome more and more children and their families. We're very excited to start working in partnership with our new families as we provide many adventures and opportunities for learning, and having fun with our newcomers.

Celebrating Birthdays

Birthday celebrations are something we have always done, and I think now more than ever the children need to celebrate their special day with food, music, laughter, and friends. We will be holding a monthly birthday party to celebrate the children whose birthday falls within that month. Parents are encouraged to provide a small cake, some healthy snacks, and healthy party bags.

January Birthday Party

Family Tree

As members of the Dee's Childcare extended family, we invite you all to provide a family photo for the family tree.

Whatsapp Groups

We recongise the importance of working in partnership with our parents, carers and families, therefore in addition to Babysdays we also use Whatsapp for communicating and sharing information with you.

All parents will be added to two groups, the forum and the room that your child is in.

The Parents Forum is the platform for sharing all things Dee's Childcare. All parents and staff are members as it allows us to share information about the setting and the wider community. Please feel free to share any relevant information and words of inspiration to support and uplift each other in these uncertain times.

Caterpillars (0 - 2yrs) and Cocoons (3 - 4yrs)

Butterflies Groups 5yrs and over

- In the age based groups we will share information specially relevant to parents of children within that group.

Personal messages should not be sent in the groups, but privately.

Lingotot is Back

Lingotot, French classes delivered through interactive songs, games, stories, a craft and most importantly, they are fun! All of the sessions are conducted almost entirely in the target language and are suitable for babies, toddlers, and young children.

Due to the current situation, the classes will be held via Zoom. We will be using the projector to stream the lessons. The sessions cost will be £3 per child and will need to be paid for as a full term. Decima will confirm the total per term, depending how many weeks there are in each term. Lessons will restart on Tuesday, 9th February 2021 at 10.30 am.

New Projects

We've been very focused on renovating our new space and now that is done, we can start planning and working on the fun things. We have so many exciting ideas, some that we have already implemented and the children are already benefiting from and we also have some that are in the works, soon to be finished and enjoyed.

*Height Chart- where we aim to measure the children when they join us and when they leave us.

* Projector and screen (allowing for great movie nights, Black History lessons, Yoga, Music and Movement, interactive story times and Lingotots)

* Pirate ship

* Soft play

* Wellies shelter

*Fairy Garden

Other projects coming soon: In-ground trampoline, Mudhill Slide, Music Wall, Water Station, Sandpit

With lockdown continuing until further notice, we know that you are facing so much pressure by juggling home-schooling and your jobs and that can bring more stress. Just remember, you are doing your best and to take off the pressure from school learning, you might want to use this time to teach your children life skills that will be so useful in the future. Here are some of our suggestions that you can adapt accordingly to your child's age.

Communication - Children start to learn this vital skill from day one, but there’s plenty of scope for improvement for all of us in this field. Teaching them to read social cues and articulate exactly what they mean, want, or need effectively will be enormously beneficial later on in life.Taking the time to talk with and listen to your child on a regular basis will yield incredible results.Children yearn for interaction with an interested adult - one that isn’t holding a smartphone or otherwise distracted - and providing them with this quality time will improve their lives exponentially, both now and in the future.

Household chores - While many may not like them, they are an essential part of life. Household chores like cleaning, washing, vacuuming, etc. helps teach children about responsibility and can help children to become more self-reliant. Choose age appropriate chores and begin with simple tasks. Teaching your youngsters how to do these basic tasks will help with their independence and have the dual benefit of giving you an extra pair of hands to help around the house.

Cooking - Teaching children basic cooking skills sets them up for the future so well. First of all, they will be able to cook and feed themselves once they are on their own. But is also a great way to create curiosity to try new foods and broaden their palates, as well as teach them about nutrition and how foods are created. Children of all ages can learn and experiment in the kitchen while spending time with you. Make sure to establish some safety rules and get messy. Don’t worry about the mess; instead, focus on what you are creating together — memories.

First Aid - Teaching your child basic first aid is a great way of empowering them, and it can have some very positive knock-on effects as well. Not only will first aid education enable them to help others in times of need, it’ll also give them a broader overview of the importance of good health and what it means to be fit and well. The British Red Cross has a great site aimed at 5 to 18 year olds that will help walk your children through the primary principles of first aid. Check it out.

Budgeting and money management

Start giving pocket money - Whether it’s 50p or £5 a week, giving pocket money can help your children learn about budgeting as they start making decisions about their own money.

Make them work for it -  As well as giving them weekly pocket money, you can pay their children extra for completing tasks and chores. Parents may well have mixed feelings about monetising chores, but it can help youngsters learn where money comes from, that it has to be earned, and that it does not necessarily come easily.

Household budgeting - Building a budget encourages children and adults to take a close look at their spending habits. This could be introduced from an early age via (an online) trip to the supermarket. Perhaps you could give them a set amount of money to see what they can buy on a budget. Older children could be challenged to make a meal — good practice for when they leave home, get a job or go to university.

Play games - Playing games is the easiest way to get children interested in money. You could try a game of Monopoly — there are important financial lessons within the game, such as the importance of always keeping an emergency fund, managing cash flow and honing your negotiating skills. It naturally brings out lots of discussion (and arguments) over money and being the banker is great for maths and mental arithmetic.

The power of saving - Saving pocket money towards a longer-term target helps teach children that resisting the temptation to spend immediately can lead to bigger rewards.

Letter Writing - Knowing how to craft a well thought out letter may seem to be a non-essential these days, but there's a lot to benefit from this skill. Whether it's a future job application or complaint, your child will reap the rewards of learning this particular task right now.

Basic DIY - Lots of us are getting on with the DIY to-do list during this period of lockdown, so why not involve your kids and teach them a thing or two along the way. Naturally, we’re not talking about big projects, just age appropriate activities done with proper adult supervision.You could also teach them how to use the tools in your toolbox safely, starting with really basic items such as screwdrivers and spanners, highlighting the importance of handling them correctly as you go.

Critical Thinking Learning to think critically may be one of the most important skills that today's children will need for the future.Critical thinking sounds like a tough subject to tackle, but it’s really not that difficult at all and many children have a fantastic grasp of problem solving already, brought about through hours of play. Again, communication plays a huge role here, and parents should be asking ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions as much as they’re asking ‘what’?

We use an online system Baby’s Days, it is the the most advanced online software system, conforming fully with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and designed and developed to assist childcare providers with the daily tasks of monitoring the children in our care. When signing your contract with us, you were informed that you were committing to login into the system weekly/daily which actively supports our aspirations and the Ofsted requirement of working in partnership with parents. The system provides parental access to view all policies and permissions, contracts, a child’s learning journal, daily notes with photos and videos, medical records, and invoices, to name a few.

The easiest way to use Baby's Days is to download the app on your phone and you'll be able to receive live notifications. If you need any help to do so, don't hesitate to ask one of our members of staff for help.

**It is a legal requirement that we complete learning journals inline with the EYFS for all children under 5, by entering into a contract you are committing to working in partnership with Dee’s Childcare by accessing and updating the system on a weekly basis**


Christmas outings

Caterpillars and Cocoons Group visited Santa's Grotto @ Greenwich Market
Butterflies Group Ice Skating Experience @ Queen's House Greenwich

Christmas Parties

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