Tour of Harn Quincy Lenton

This was my first experience with museums, and I had a marvelous time exploring the exhibits. I was surprised at all the different types of artwork that was showcased in the museum. Overall I enjoyed myself and look forward to visiting more museums in the future.

The artwork that I chose was a sculpture. This sculpture represents the female figure. If I saw this sculpture in print format, I would not have been able to understand the size, color and curves. The detail and the creativity expresses the outer beauty and the physical appearance of the human body. The color of the body stood out to me simply because it is my favorite color, and as I got closer, the creativity of the piece made me want to explore the sculpture a little bit more.

This exhibit is from the Asian collection. This exhibit compares different types of art illustrated by a variety of artist. The lighting of the building allows the viewers to catch all of the color and details the artist used to make the art so astonishing. This area also had enough space for the multiple people to move around and observe the artwork. There are a variety of ways that the artwork was showcased. Pictures were grouped together to allow the viewers to compare and contrast the art showcased. Other sculptures were showcased alone to show its value. The exhibit made me feel more educated on different cultural artwork or pieces.


The core value that I find important in stability. This painting reminds me of how difficult it is to live when you are crippled just as it is hard to live while you are down or not stable. This picture also shows how people that are down stick out when they are with people that are stable. I believe that stability is the key to achieving anything in life. You can't complete any objectives when you are not stable which will lead to suffering.

core value

good life

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