Grissom Choir 2018 Winter Concert

Welcome to the 2018 Grissom Choral Department Christmas Concert. We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy our music. Please take the time to browse this digital program about our recent trip to New York City BEFORE or AFTER the concert.

A few requests as the concert begins...

Please silence your devices. Please do not talk or create distractions while the choirs are performing. Please only enter, exit, or move about the auditorium between pieces. Please stay for the entire concert!

We ask you to please refrain from looking at your device while the band are performing on stage. Thank you for your cooperation. You will enjoy the music MUCH more if you sit back and listen!

And now, our trip to New York City

Tuesday, November 20th

It was an early morning for Grissom Choir! Students were to be in the choir room at 12:00 AM to gather all last minute materials for our 1:30 AM departure to the Atlanta Airport via Capital Trailways Charter Bus!

Once in Atlanta, we boarded our 9:00 AM departure flight to LaGuardia Airport via Southwest Airlines!

Our tour guide, Mike, was a pleasure to get to know. He guided us around the city via Charter Bus, Subway, and walking!

There was lots of traffic on our way into the city from LaGuradia Airport. While we drove, Mike told us history of the city, and gave us a run-down of our itinerary.

The Park Central Hotel provided us with a unique NYC living experience the 4 nights that we were there! With being 1 block away from the subway, restaurants, and Carnegie Hall, we could not have asked for a better location.

For our first lunch, many students chose to dive right into NYC thin crust pizza. Luckily there were many food accommodations around the hotel that helped fuel us on our fast-paced itinerary.

For Thanksgiving week, the sidewalks were not very crowded, giving us plenty of room to move about in the city with our 46 person group.

Our main form of transportation was the NYC Subway, taking us to and from our attractions, including the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

Our first of 3 attractions was the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. We first visited the 2 memorial pools that show where the original 2 World Trade Center Buildings stood. Mike told us that a white rose on their name signified that it was their birthday, and a red rose signified their anniversary.

Once we finished outside, we went into the Museum, which was as big as 3 stories below the memorial, showing the original structures of the building, along with artifacts and a historical timeline of that eventful day.

Once we finished with the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, we traveled back to the hotel and ate dinner along with spending some free time in the city.

Wednesday, November 21st

Each morning, students were given breakfast vouchers to redeem at the Park Central Hotel's breakfast kiosk.

At our first 4-Hour rehearsal, Dr. Leavitt split the members of all participating choirs up into their sections, making sure that new friends were made.

Sean Berg of Sechrist Travel welcomed all of the participants to the first rehearsals, gave us some basic rules, and introduced our guest conductor, Dr. John Leavitt!

Dr. Leavitt not only conducted the Christmas Holiday Spectacular Festival Chorus, but also wrote 7/8 pieces performed that night. Be sure to locate the starred* songs in your program to see which ones of tonight's concert were performed in NYC!

While in the rehearsals, participants were fully engaged. All of our students LOVED working under Dr. Leavitt's direction.

While the students were in rehearsal, a few of the chaperones ventured out to explore the city!

After our first rehearsal, we ate lunch and made our way to the Subway Terminal to travel to the American Museum of Natural History!

That night, we made our way to the Gershwin theatre to see WICKED on Broadway!

The entire lobby of the Gershwin was decorated in the theme of the show.

After the show, we were able to meet Matt Meigs, a former HCS graduate who was in the ensemble of the show!

Thursday, November 22nd

Thanksgiving morning, we walked a few blocks north from our hotel in the 18 degree weather to view the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

After the parade and lunch, the students reported back to the hotel for their 2nd rehearsal with Dr. Leavitt.

We spent our last free night in NYC viewing the skyline at...

Friday, November 23rd

The morning of Carnegie Hall, we made our way up north to The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. Once we arrived, students had the opportunity to present a recital inside the cathedral!

Friday afternoon, students made their way to Carnegie Hall for their final rehearsal in the Stern Auditorium on the Perelman Stage.

After dinner and a quick change of clothes, it was time for A Christmas Holiday Spectacular at Carnegie Hall!

After the concert, we made our way to the Manhattan Club at Rosie O'Grady's

Saturday, November 24th

The next morning, we departed The Park Central Hotel at 6:30am to make our 8:55am flight back to Alabama and back to Grissom High School!

A HUGE thank you to...


For making this trip a reality for Grissom Choir!

Be sure to visit our facebook page @grissomhighchoir and our website www.grissomchoir.com for more photos from our trip and future updates from the choir!


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