Classwork for 7-7 By Miracle and Jalin

These are the steps to finding the " nth term" for lesson 7-7
Step 1: write an equation which is an= a1 r n-1 Step2: find the 1st term in the sequence. Step3: find the common ratio Step4: find the term that is give. Step5: then substitute the given term for "N" Step6: solve the problem
Problem 1: the fifthteen term of -9, 27, -8 An=a1 r n-1. An =-9(-3)n-1. An=-9(-3)15-1. A15= -9(-3)14. A15=-9(4,782,969). A15=-43,046,721. So the answer is -43,046,721
Problem 2: the tenth term of -6, -24, -96 An= a1 r n-1. An=-6(4)n-1. An= -6(4)5-1. A4 =-6(4)4. A4= -6(256). The answer is -1,536
These are the steps to finding the "nth" term and problems for finding the nth term.


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