Clash of Civilizations Andrea parks

Chapter 1

This chapter sets the tone for the book. Separation due to cultural identity is the cause of the Clash of Civilizations. Cultural identities shape the patterns of unity and conflict in the post-Cold War world. Culture is the powerful force that unifies people regardless of disagreements about ideology and lifestyle. Our world is split into 7-8 major civilizations where power is being transferred based upon their influence on each other and conflict rising between one another.

Nations Established Within World Civilizations

Chapter 2

Civilization is a term used in the plural context because a universal civilization is nonexistent. Consistency among all people in all parts of the world isn't possible and has never occurred. Civilizations are a clear, visual representation of the cultural aspects rooted in a group of people. The physical attributes of a person don't determine how they interact with others. Instead, cultural identities through religious preference, language, values, lifestyle, and ideology create unity within a civilization. Throughout history, the amount of civilizations varied based upon discovery of how developments occurred.

World Map: Colors Represent Each Major Civilization

Chapter 3

The idea of a universal civilization would mean the end of cultural identity and boundaries; there would be a common sense of belief and conflict wouldn't occur. This concept is prevalent in some aspects of our world, such as common morals and expansion of westernization across the globe. A common world culture does exist, which is why we are able to peacefully travel and embrace other parts of the world. However, not everyone wants the think and believe like the west. Individualism, rejectionism, and reformism are concepts created through modernization that make conforming to one way of life impossible for the entire world.

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