Relationship with my Sisters by: PASuaha yang

My relationship with my 6 sisters are a bit more crazy and hard of understanding each other, because my age is different from all of them, they are 12 years or less than that, knowing that we have different hobbies, sense of styles. Most of the hardest thing of having so manys sisters are over protractions, of the baby sisters which is me. I am the youngest girl in my family. I love my 6 sisters but at time they are over protected because they want me to be safe and know where I am.

Having more sisters mean more argument and yelling at each other about little things, like “ why you didn’t let me know you were wearing your shoe” “you wore my shirt and didn’t let me know” having more sister can be fun also too, because you get to talk about things secretly instead of telling your parents, also having a lot of sisters they get to drive where you want to go. And also having older sisters they can pay for things instead because my sisters they want me to learn on how to save money. Mostly I am thankful to have so many sisters because we can always talk about anything and also how are can always look out on each other.

There's a podcast where it was talking about how family nowadays don't get along with each other, when I was listening to the podcast it gave me a second to think on how it compares to my families, because my sisters and I are very bond together and close. we understand each other and now each other very well. But the relationships on how some siblings don't get a long it can be more about when they were younger they never were closed and when they got older they don't have any connections towards each other.

One thing that I always look up to them and so does my parents too, they have been successful to my family, and also have been a great impact until this day, they help me with my schools and anything I need. Also traveling with my sister to South Korea as a sister trip, has changed my life because exploring the country was amazing and also having sister to help me throughout my hard time dealing with any situations they will always come around and help me and always push me harder, just knowing that you have a big family and also how much they care about you makes me really happy because having a family to support you even if you have anything going on, there still be my family by my side, every step I take. But at the end of the day we all love each other and care about each other.

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