Omar Bernal, Santiago Cardenas, Marcus

So the bus that we made was based off the 1920s toys that kids would play with and we made it move back and forth. So in 1920s kids didn't have phones to use or ps4's to play on so they would play with toy cars or any other vehicle they also played with.

The picture that you saw is a old truck toy kids would play with in the 1920s

materials: tape, cardboard, hot glue, and black paper

I chose the bus cause I didn't want to do something simple I wanted a harder thing to do and the improvements we need in the future is better wheels that dont faall off, and a new battery

Little Bits:

-Power: a P1 Power.

-Output: Dc Motors (x2), and a Long Led.

Accessories: Wheels (x4), Mounting Board (x2), and bATTERY

Created By
Omar Bernal

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