Life Cycle of a Plant

A seed is the first stage of a plant's life. Once the seeds have been formed, the life of the new plant is just waiting to happen. Seeds need some help from water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide. Seeds are planted in soil where they can receive sunlight and water when it rains.
to germinate means to begin growing or sprouting you know a seed has begun to germinate

the embryo begins growing roots and pushes downward into the ground

the seedling is a baby plant this is when carbon dioxide

this means that the planet is fully grown and it is old enough to reproduce

the adult planet can reproduce the life cycle can start all over again


Created with images by Schnittke - "plants" • tjmwatson - "Broad Bean seed Germination" • nymphofox - "Baby Rucola" • Karen Roe - "Eden Project 07-03-2005" • phalinn - "Aidilfitri 2014"

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