In southern Bangladesh, fishermen use otters for chasing fish into nets. Cool!

Otters are playful creatures.

An otter can stay underwater for up to 4 minutes.

An otter's den can be called a couch or a holt.

The main part of an otter's diet is fish.

Did you know otters sleep holding hands? They also tie themselves together with kelp to stop them floating away.

so cute

There is 13 species of otter. The smallest is from Asia.

At the age of 1, otters leave their mothers

Australia and Antarctica are the only countries that otters are not in.

Otters must dive down up to 250 feet to get their food. They eat sea urchins, crabs, clams, mussels and sea snails.

I wouldn't dive that deep.

Most zoos have otters because they are fun creatures to look at. There is also a lot of charities for otters.

You can also adopt an otter or just donate to them.

Did you like my otter thing?

I hoped you'd say that.

I also hope you know more now.

I am confident you liked this.

Ahh, so cute.

otters are amazing

otters are cute



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