After Ever After Kenneth Molina

Adversity is a challenge/difficulty in your life or a person who chooses a goal and plans a way to accomplish it.

Jeff's adversity when he was young was he had cancer called leukemia. He overcame this adversity by never giving up and not to think about having cancer plus took medications that gives him long term effects such as having a limp in one of his legs, shaky hands, and not being able to concentrate.

"When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with cancer." and "The treatment lasted almost three years,and it was rough." He is was four when he got cancer and the treatment took almost three years.Another quote is "I know that being treated for leukemia was torture."This means that all the treatment and the chemotherapy put into his chest was bad.

Tad adversity was he had a brain tumor which was taken out.He had two brain surgeries,radiation,chemotherapy,and bone marrow transplant.He overcame this adversity by getting surgery and treatment and never gave up and fought through it.

"Ooh I know one. How about coming home form the hospital with a giant hole in your skull.This means that they had to open his head to do surgery and it had a big impact on him.Kids were also scared of him and people didn't know how to act to it.

Jeff adversities in 8th grade was to pass the state math test to pass 8th grade, his friend was diagnosed with cancer and died, and brother left for Africa.He overcame these adversities by staying positive,studying with the pact,protesting towards the school,having his dad and Tad help him with work.He walks to Tads grave all the time to talk to him.

"Meanwhile. I kept going to my after school classes AND getting tutored." This means he is constantly trying to get better at math and studying and writing.

Tad adversities in 8th grade he gets cancer again its chronic myelogenous leukemia. He overcame this by going for treatment at the hospital. Has Yvonne transfer bone marrow to him but it failed and he sadly died.

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

"Speaking of denial,Tad and I didn't discuss his cancer for another week or so." Jeff is still shocked and hurt form it and Tad wants to act like it never happened.

The theme of After Ever After is to stay positive and never give up even through all the hard times.

"Oh, really? Like you never gave up on anything when you were in treatment." Even if they given up sometimes they still had to have hope and not think negative all the time.

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