Child Labor in India By:Emanuel

12 year old Craig Kielburger.

Craig Kielburger Introduction

Craig Kielburger became concerned with child labor in India after he had heard about it in a article in Canada. He traveled to India to try to learn more.Now he is older and he is making a difference.

Craig Kielburger Older

Craig Kielburger has created a charity that takes 30 million dollars a year.He is trying to stop child labor by exposing it out there because if you expose it out there to people then the people will probably think its mest up and maybe they can vote on it out or in.I say this because in the text it says,"His determination to expose child poverty has helped him recruit two million volunteers, almost all of whom are under the age of 18. Free the Children builds schools, provides clean water and helps artisans sell their goods in an effort to help people rise out of poverty."(60 minutes 5)This shows he is determined to expose child labor.

Save the Children

As I said earlier Craig did make a charity for child labor.He did manage to save some kids from work.He gave them a safe place to live were there is resources to live.


The secret

Later did Craig find out that some of the kids that he was saving were getting sent back to work at another place. So then he realized that his help to the children wasn't going to be easy.


Craig Kielburger has succeded on saving children in some countries but has not got complety rid of child labor. He is known for this though. So in conclusion Craig Kielburger became concerned with child labor when he was 12 and ever simce then he has been exposing it out to countries.

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