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From the scorching hot desert to the frozen arctic tundra, fans are captivated by the wondrous ways in which Star Wars comes to life with its spectacular landscapes. Have you ever wondered where the sets of Star Wars take place? Fans are already anticipating the eighth episode of Star Wars, and with the recent release of Rogue One, fans could not be more excited. While some may think they have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to visit these locations, it turns out these real-life settings might be closer than you think!

Mos Espa (Oung Jmel, Tunisia)

Tunisia is home to multiple sets that span within the first two trilogies. Pictured here is the town of Onk Jemal. This is Anakin Skywalker’s hometown of Mos Espa on Tatooine.

Luke Skywalker’s Igloo (Nefta, Tunisia)

Luke Skywalker’s Igloo was filmed on the dried-up salt lake of Chott El Jerid. It can be seen in the "Attack of the Clones".

Luke Skywalker’s home (Matmata, Tunisia)

Also, Tunisia is where fans can find Hotel Sidi in Matmata. Luke Skywalker was raised on this Tatooine moisture farm by his uncle Owen and aunt Beru. Today, it is still a hotel and contains props used in "Attack of the Clones".

Anakin’s slave quarters (Medenine, Tunisia)

In "The Phantom Menace", Anakin was a slave boy. His slave quarters were shot on this actual Tunisia street in Medenine.

Death Valley National Park, California

While most of Tatooine was filmed in Tunisia, crucial scenes in "A New Hope" were additionally filmed in Death Valley, California. Jawas and Sand people could be seen among these rocky canyons between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Mojave Desert.

Endor (Redwood National, California)

The moon forest of Endor is home to the furry Ewoks and the thrilling speed bike chases in the "Return of the Jedi". These scenes were filmed among California’s massive redwoods in Del Norte County.

The Theed Royal Palace ( Seville, Spain)

The Theed Royal Palace was filmed at the Plaza de Espana in Seville, Spain. It doubles as a palace on Naboo in "Attack of the Clones" and "The Phantom Menace". Anakin and Padmé get to take a stroll amongst its majestic colonnades.

Secret Wedding ( Lenno, Italy)

In "Attack of the Clones", Anakin and Queen Padmé are married in a secret wedding on the planet of Naboo. This was filmed at the Villa del Balbianello. It even overlooks Italy’s shores of Lake Como. In real life, this is still a popular wedding destination.

Great Pit of Carkoon (Yuma Desert, Arizona)

In "Return of the Jedi", The Great Pit of Carkoon was filmed at the Yuma Desert in Arizona. This is home to the sarlacc that eats Jabba’s prisoners.

Battle of Hoth (Finse, Norway)

Near the town of Finse, Norway, the icy Battle of Hoth was shot on the nearby Hardangerjøkulen glacier in "The Empire Strikes Back".

Kashyyyk (Guilin, China)

In "Revenge of the Sith", areas of Thailaind and southern China team up as Chewbacca’s home planet of Kashyyyk.

Jakku (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

To represent the planet Jakku, J.J. Abrams chose deserts located in the United Arab Emirates for the "Force Awakens".

Jedi Temple (Skellig Michael, Ireland)

The finale of the "Force Awakens" was filmed on the steep sides of an island in Ireland. This is the setting of the Jedi Temple where a very pivotal scene takes place.

Imperial Base (Canary Wharf Station, London)

The futuristic steel of London’s metro station in Canary Wharf makes an appearance in "Rogue One". It represents the Imperial military base on Scarif.


In Iceland, the area around the Krafla Volcano and the Myyatn Lakes was used to film the battleground between the First Order and the Resistance in the "Force Awakens".

Massassi outpost (Tikal, Guatemala)

When the Millennium Falcon travels to a Rebel Base on the jungle moon of Yavin, it flies over the real-life Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala.

Scarif (Laamu Atoll, Maldives)

In "Rogue One", a string of islands in the Maldives form the tropical paradise of the planet Scarif. However, it later becomes a massive battle scene.

It is pretty cool to think these real-life settings capture the galactic scenes in our most beloved movie series. Who else is ready to pack their bags and visit all these astonishing locations?

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