IAWRT in UGANDA into the future

It’s a great thing for women to stand up. But a different thing for women to take up their spaces and it’s a different story for women to occupy these spaces ...

Eunice Nankwanga Kasirye, the newly elected Chapter head of Uganda

Members of International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) from all over the world participated in the regional conference in Entebbe, Uganda.

IAWRT international board secretary Sarah Nakibukka spoke of Ugandan women media workers consistently being paid at lower levels than male colleagues and women being pushed from the workforce when they have children.

IAWRT President Violet Gonda outlined a highly productive 2018 with a record number of events at the CSW, the production of a new documentary, a new website safety resource, and a handbook on community radio.

On show was the pride of Eastern African media workers about their work for women and for democracy, evidenced by the spectacular appearance of our Cameroon sisters who briefly escaped reporting their pending elections.

'Amplifying the People’s Voices: The Philippine Community Radio Experience and Challenges' is the latest IAWRT book to be launched and is now available for download.

The 72-page book was launched by the IAWRT President, Violet Gonda, and the editor and head of the Philippines Chapter Jola Diones-Mamangun, in Kampala Uganda.

It narrates the nearly three-decade long history of community radio broadcasting in the Philippines, laying down the challenges it faces in one of the most dangerous countries for journalists in the world.

Amplifying Rural Women's voices -"leave no one behind "

We heard that IAWRT's four month old pilot project in Kenya is already making some impact.

From the all three panelists, it came across that community Radio is a necessary communication tool to bridge the gaps of rural poverty, reduce risks of being victims of Gender Based Violence, and economic dependence.

Moderator, Birgitte Jallov, Kagadi Kibale Community Radio (KKCR) based in Uganda, Hon. Judith Nabakooba member of Uganda Parliament , Josephine Karani - Kenya.

A Community Radio workshop focused on Gender based violence and how to tell the important stories.

Gender mainstreaming project

The project is set to release a handbook this year for media students, journalists, and media professionals, based on our experiences and best practices from the GMP pilot and additional research.

Archana Kapoor of the GMP Committee and IAWRT Board member said that this project has been sustained through the last eight years, gained in strength, reach and outreach.

Currently, the project assesses gender mainstreaming in five countries – Kenya, Uganda, SA, Tanzania and India. Ann Mabel Sanyuas, GMP researcher/report writer said she hoped that the handbook can be relevant to all even if it’s only based on five countries as many of these issues cut across, like low pay, sexual harassment, etc.

Gender Based Online Harassment - How to Counter Online Harassment

Good policies can protect media women; in this video, experts outline what managers should do; media editors speak of initiatives which they have taken to reduce the extra pressures on their female workforce and action plans to protect them; and a senior journalist outlines some personal strategies.

IAWRT Safety Trainer Abeer Saady conducted the interviews to share advice from managers and workers on ending the violence which aims to silence women in media.

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