How to take notes... Keep it short and simple. (K.I.S.S.)

Step 1: READ!

Read over a section and think about it before writing notes.

When you take notes in your own words it is called PARAPHRASING.

Ask yourself "Does this help me?” DO NOT copy and paste information into your notes or paper/project.


STEP 2: DO NOT COPY Word for Word.

That is called PLAGIARISM. It can cause you to get a poor grade and even get kicked out of college.

Develop good habits now so "copying and pasting" won't get you into trouble later on.

Use your own words when taking notes.

Step 3: Use phrases, short sentences, or single words (do not worry about capital letters, punctuation marks, or complete sentences)

Step 4: Use abbreviations and numbers to save time & space (=, +, 1, 2, etc.)

Use symbols, like pi above, numbers and abbreviations when taking notes.

Step 5: Make a list, use bullets or numbers in front of each new idea.

Organize your new ideas with bullets, numbers and make lists.

Step 6: Use quotation marks to give credit if copying “ ” word for word.

Use quotation marks to show where you actually copied and didn't paraprhase.

Step 7: Write one idea or fact per line.

One fact per line.

Step 8: Write neatly so you can read your notes later.

Write neatly.

Step 9: Be accurate (dates are correct, spelling of important names & places are correct)

Make sure you have accurate details.

Step 10: Write down your information source.

This is extremely important. You need this for your bibliography and to give credit to the sources of information you use. Your paper/project is only as good as the credibility of the sources you use.


In other words...Keep It Short and Simple. Read, think, and then write using abbreviations/numbers, and shortened phrases.


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