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"You don't want anybody walking into your house and taking a Gatorade out of your refrigerator, you've got to get in there and protect it." - Tyson Chandler, 2012 Defensive Player of the year.

Athletes actively training and competing lose water and electrolytes by sweating, and expending energy. In order to stay hydrated, athletes depend on the worlds most popular sports drink, Gatorade. It contains many electrolytes, electrolytes are essentially salts that can carry an electrical charge. It is very important to drink sports drinks before, during, and after a very intense workout when you are sweating.

What are sports drinks? Sports drinks are soft drinks designed or marketed for consumption in sporting activity or strenuous exercise, and which typically contains electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and chloride, and a high percentage of sugar to restore energy.

You can buy Sports Drinks for less than 1 dollar. Just about Every gym will have a vending machine or fridge that offers some sort of Sports Drink that will boost your workout.

Why not just drink water?

Water is sufficient for day to day hydration and for work outs that are under 1 hour. Workouts that are longer than 1 hour doctors recommenced drinking sports drinks. Most sports drinks contain carbohydrates which gives your body the necessary fuel to continue your exercise at you highest potential. Sports drinks taste better so you are likely to drink more fluids, this reduces the potential of dehydration. According to Dane Treat M.D., Arizona's Health Coach


When is the best time to have a Sports Drink? The best time to have a Powerade or an ice cold Gatorade is during an intense workout when the athlete is pushing himself to the point where he is losing electrolytes, fluid, and burning carbohydrates. Additionally after the workout electrolytes and carbohydrates are necessary to keeping you body at its peak condition.

"There's no reason for kids to be drinking sports drinks during school when they're not exercising or playing sports." - Katherine Talmadge






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