Police officers are abusing the power they are given When given a substantial amount of power people begin to youse it unwisely.

How are police officers able to shoot unarmed victims?

When officers are in a situation they have to make a split second decisions and sometimes that isn't always the right one; officers have and can shoot unarmed civilians. Some officers shoot men or even women who are not armed or even dangerous, although some may be unarmed but are still in the officer's eyes considered dangerous. In the article “Officer's shooting an unarmed black man ‘flat out wrong’ “("Officers Shooting"). In this article an officer made a regular traffic stop for a busted taillight, But once he pulled the man over he got out of his car and started running. The officer ran after him but ended up shooting the unarmed man 5 times in the back. This is a prime example of how officers are and can unlawfully shooting unarmed victims. This has been happening lately across the nation in a great example of this was when an officer shot unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. Police have killed 16 unarmed black men in 2016 (Kutner). What laws are out there that allow officers to do this?

When can a police officer legally shoot someone?

When officers are out on patrol, they can’t just go up to anyone they want and shoot them. When a police officer takes a person's life, people will try to get justice for the victim by taking officers to court. In the article “Officer's shooting of unarmed man in back "flat out wrong” by cbs news. Stated in the article that the “Court decides not guilty and that he acted in self defense His jury was 11 white and 1 black and jury claimed self defense”("Officers Shooting"). In this quote It is basically explaining how police officers can and have shot people; in this particular case the officer shot the civilian in the back torso area during their altercation. Officers can and also have gotten off the hook for shooting unarmed people. Many officers are doing the same exact situation across the nation. So far this year in 2016 over “400 people” have been fatally shot and killed by officers(Martinez). Which draws the question How are police officers being protected by their departments?

How do police officers get protected by their employers?

Most of the time when officers respond to a call they don't plan on shooting someone , but when they feel that their life is in danger they have to make a split second decision and when that decision is not always the right one police departments will back their officers. In the article “After self-defense ruling, dashcam video released in police shooting of mentally ill woman” This was taken place in Dearborn Michigan and police shot mentally ill Janet wilson.They found out that through investigation the court finds many incidents to where police officers of that town were using deadly force when they didn't have too. The judge decided that the police officer acted in self defense and was protecting the community the charges were then dropped. During this entire time the police department was paying for the police officer’s court fees. In this article it is showing how Officers are being protected by their employers. Another example of this is in the article “60 year old man shot by Wilmington police identify” in this article Department policy says that the “officer is to be put on desk duty while they investigate what all happened” (Horn). For some departments they set officers on desk duty when they are put under investigation. Even when shooting someone and the full story is unknown police departments are protecting their own. This doesn't just hurt the victim it hurts the families of the victims; the families are wanting justice for their loved ones.

How are the victims families getting justice?

When a victim is unlawfully killed the families want justice , but the only way for them to get justice is to take the officer to court. Families want justice for those loved ones who were murdered. Great example of this is in the article “Former Atlanta Police Officer Indicted on Murder Charges After Shooting of Unarmed Man” from KTLA 5. In this article a Atlanta police officer shoots an unarmed black man in his car for no apparent reason at all. The officer tried to claim self defense but the evidence was stacked up against him and it was very apparent that it was murder. The officer was fired from his police force but only after he was charged with murder. In 2015 over 102 african american people were murdered by police officers. But there's still one question to ask and that is what are the officers point of view on unarmed shootings?

What are the officers point of view on unarmed shootings.

Police officers are put in a split second life or death situation they have to assess the threat because it could potentially take their life. When officers are in a bad situation they sometimes don't always make the perfect decision but they have a reason for what they have done. In the article Criminal Law Case And Notes And Comments, William K Bachelder states that “One common type of situation which may face an officer is where a person resists arrest. Under the present law it is important that the officer know whether the arrestee has committed a misdemeanor or a felony. When the officer seeks to arrest a misdemeanant he is prohibited in most states from using deadly force” (Bachelder). This quote is talking about how officers can shoot a person or even use their baton if they are resisting arrest but only if they are a committed felon. Paul Callan States, Up until 1985, police had greater authority to use force against unarmed fleeing felons, experts said. Then things changed. "Up until 1985, the doctrine, called the fleeing felon doctrine, was that, if you committed a felony and the police were pursuing you, they could shoot you down if you tried to escape," Callan said. Police officers used to have more authority. They used to be able to arrest and shoot people creating larger fatalities, but now there are more laws stopping police abusing their power.

1.Baton: a stick used by police. When the man grabbed the baton he forced the officer to use deadly force against him. It helps me understand the topic because if he didn't grab the baton he would be alive.

2.Incapacitate: This word means to stop or alter movement. The police officers were trying to stop the kid from running and hurting anybody else. This is crucial because it really wraps up on the topic of whit they were trying to do with the boy. It really fits with the topic because when police try to stop people it always seems to end up with someone shooting at the other person.

3.Possession: to possess or have something on you. The 14 year old boy was carrying 20 tins of heroin and weed. He was running from the cops and they shot him, the police say they were fired upon first but were they just trying to shoot the kid because he wouldn’t stop running from them because he had in his possession a felonies worth of drugs.

4.Pat Down: When an officer pats you down and checks you for narcotics. When the officer pat down the homeless man the homeless man forced the officer to stop him.

5.Administrative: being put to a desk. This word helps me understand what the officer has been put to.

6.Torso: upper chest area. This helps me understand that the officer was serious and was aiming at a crucial part.

7.Altercation: a disagreement that usually turns to violence. In this article an altercation turned into a shooting. If it wasn't for the altercation nobody would have died.

8.Fatality: when someone dies. Their was a fatality during this police shooting. If their wouldn't have been an altercation their would not have been a fatality.



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