My Bridge BY: Ian Tyrpin


1. 291 wooden sticks

2. 3 to 2 empty plastic bottles

3. 3 to 4 rubber bands

4. Elmer glue or a hot glue gun

5. Safe area to build

6. Newspapers or any other paper that can be used to make safe area clean and organized

7. Paper clips can be used but not necessary

8. Flat surface

9. Scissors

Steps to build side of bridge

Preparing to Build the bridge, make sure all of the materials are neatly placed and won't be lost.

Place the newspaper down on a flat surface on where you are working

First thing on building the bridge is by grabbing 55 of the 291 wood sticks.

Second is grabbing the elmers glue

Third is by separating them into four groups which will be 15, 14, 13, and 13

After doing so grab one stick from the 15 group and make it stand up horizontally

Then get two other sticks from that group and make it stand up horizontally

One inch of the one stick put glue on each side.

Put the other two sticks with no glue and attach them to the stick with glue on each side of the stick where the glue is.

Repeat this process and keep attaching the sticks until the group of sticks are all connected

Repeat steps 5 through 9 with each group of sticks

Let all the glue dry overnight in the safe environment

Get both groups of sticks that are the amount of 15, and 14

Grab 74 sticks and start glueing the groups of 15 at the top and 14 at the bottom of sticks together making the pattern for the side one standing up, a stick after that one at a 45 degree angle and another stick after it that is opposite of the one before and repeat

Let is dry overnight

Repeat the step before on the other side of the side of the bridge

Repeat the last three step with the other two groups of stickswith the same design pattern

Top of bridge

After both sides of the bridge are well and dry begin to put the top of the bridge on by placing bottles in between each part of the sides making it the width of the bottles

Grab rubber bands and wrap the sides of the bridge tightly together with the bottles still in between.

Grab 44 sticks to be ready to build top of the bridge

After doing so start gluing sticks on top of the bridge horizontally and flat in any space that the sticks can fit

After doing so place 3 sticks on top of the ones that were just glued and place them in a different direction then the ones that were previously placed and glue them down so that they are spread out evenly between one another, side by side

Let it all dry overnight

Bottom of bridge

Remove water bottles so they don't get stuck in the bridge

start by gluing sticks on the bottom of the bridge horizontally and flat in any space that the sticks can fit

After finishing the bottom let it dry overnight

Then cut rubber bands with the scissors

Extensions for the bridge

With the space in between each ends of the side of the bridge fill in sticks so that they are secure and add glue

Add more sticks to make the extensions are lifted up by placing the sticks at a 45 degree angle and glueing them together(paperclips are recommended but not necessary

Repeat the extension process on each side of bridge

Let is dry overnight

Add support beams connecting the extensions and glue the support beams

Let is dry overnight

And then you have your finished bridge

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