A Monty-mental Performance BY: Maddie & Megan

Q1: What is tech week and the importance behind it?

Eric King (12) and Lauren Ramsey (11) repairing props for their performance.

A1: "Tech week is a week where we just do performance rehearsals getting ready for actual performance, so we are in full out makeup, full out costumes, hair, all the works. It is very important because if we were to do our first actual dress rehearsal on our first day we would be a mess. Tech week we also join with the orchestra in order to get all the music together." - Cameron Fleming (11)

Q2: How much time and preparation goes in to the musical?

Savvy Jacobson (9), Abby Hawk (11), Luke Spurgeon, Cameron Fleming (11), and Ella Heckman (12) prepare jewelry and other props for their performance.

A2: "We have auditions in October and start rehearsals in late december and pretty much get going in February. " -Cameron Fleming (11)

Q3: Why did you pick a Gentleman's Guide?

A3: "Luke saw it on Broadway and he really liked it." Cameron Fleming (11). "We don't really have a say in the musical and plays we do. Luke just picks them." Abby Hawk (11)

Q4: Where do you get your props from?

Props made by JBHS drama club. The furniture was given to the JBHS drama club

A4: "This year we made the majority of our props and we collect props over the years. This year they found a woman who had some authentic to the 18th century furniture in West Virginia and she was just giving it away for free, so we just pick up props over the years, and make props like the backdrops." Cameron Fleming (11)

Q5: How do you figure out what the characters dress like?

1.) Wyatt Boyer (9) and Connor Slemp (9) getting ready for their rehearsal. 6) Wyatt Boyer in his costume.

A5: "It is basically based on the time period and who you are as a character, so, for example, Cameron's character Phoebe, she is more of an innocent good girl, and she is higher up in the rank. She is royalty, so she wears fancy clothes but they are not too revealing, but more innocent, whereas Ella is kinda a mistress, so she wears more revealing clothing. There are also broadway shows you can reference." -Abby Hawk (11)

Q6: How much time goes into makeup and hair?

1) Cameron Fleming (11) getting her hair ready for her performance. 2) Claire Alfree curling Ella Heckman's (12) hair. 3/4) Savvy Jacobson (9) does Abby Hawk's (11) hair, preparing for the performance. 5) Cameron Fleming (11) curls her hair for her first appearance on stage.

A6: "It depends on the person and how much they want to do, but generally between an hour to two hours." Abby Hawk (11) "Makeup and hair would be at least an hour, but it depends on how flamboyant you want to be." Cameron Fleming (11)

Q7: Does makeup have an affect on stage?"

1) Ella Heckman (12) prepares to do her makeup. 2) Patrick Hicks (12), Cameron Fleming (11), and Sydney Fleming (9), do their makeup.

A7: "Drama club makeup up you have to do your normal makeup, but ten times the amount, because you'll get washed out on stage because of the lights. So if you are pasty white to begin with, you are like the sun on stage." -Abby Hawk (11)

Q8: How do you figure out the lights for the stage?

A8: "This year that was all Dean. He created a light show because he takes sound and lighting, so he knows how to operate it all. During the scenes you will see blues and pinks in the backgrounds. There is the cat walk where you can change spotlights. Luke will be running the light show during the performance." -Cameron Fleming (11)

Q9: Besides lighting, do you focus on the sound aspects?

A9: "We got new mics this year, so they shouldn't break. In Titanic they were breaking because many people were dying and jumping a lot. This year no one really damages the mics. Mics are going to break, so we just have to replace them. " Abby Hawk (11)

Sydney Fleming (9), Olivia Beacham (9), Kiara Tu (9), Hannah Hicks (9), Eric King (12), and Alexa Myers (10) begin the performance with a song.

The musical presented this year, "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" offers a night full of enjoyment, fun, and laughter. The characters have comical personalities that will make a great time for you and your friends.