Trouble in Africa

One of my personal pet peeves would have to be when Americans have no problem paying to much money on materialistic objects. For example, we have no issues upgrading our apple products, buying new cars, or anything that could make us feel " on top ". Most people I have seen or have been around seem to be more sensitive to donating money to charities, that have the potential to help other countries in need.

Must Africa wait 20 or more years for someone to stop what they're doing and finally call attention to what is happening? The death polls that are coming out of the Congo are now surpassing those of the Holocaust. Rebels gain control of minds of a tribal camps people by raping the women and children of each camp. Africa's government has become askew due to the lack of freedom of the press, their army isn't even considered to be one, and these are only some of the problems that have been occurring for over 125 years.

In 1885 slavery began, when the British were traveling over seas. Ever since then the history of slaves took off from colonialism times to the execution of Africa's president. President Obama was one of the only presidents who seemed to have cared about the situation. Africa seems to always be in poverty not only because of their government but also because of America. The past few years ever since Apple came out with the famous iPhone very few people know that the rock that is used to help create it is dug out of the ground deep within the Congo. America pays African soldiers very little money to do the hard laboring work so we don't have too.


Created with images by WenPhotos - "orphan africa african" • dalecruse - "Dachau Concentration Camp prisoners" • hdptcar - "Women and children at the health post of the Sam Ouandja refugee camp"

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