Riley Madej's Photoshop pictures

This is titled Pepe Sunset. It's called that because this is Pepe in front of a sunset, this was my first picture I ever made in Photoshop.
This is called rainbow burrito, I really love how I was able to make the shading on the burrito and all of the contents inside it even the ones spilling out.
This is and Andy Warhol picture of Obi Wan Kenobi. The four main colors represent the four main lightsaber colors.
I titled this Shapes On Mars because of the red sun and the red sand of the picture.
This is Cliff Side Birds, they are flying away of the wave that just crashed upon their cliff. I find this to be my best one I made.
This is just called RiIey because of the name on there and the clutter of stuff.
This is just four word typography, following my main theme of Halo. Showing the four factions of the Halo franchise.
This is my most worked on picture giving that I had to go and erase lots of edges to make it look better.
These two pictures are snapchat geo filters that I designed for the city of Ralston.
Even though this picture is very cluttered, it's of me doing a couple of windmills.
This is named Sarlacc Cake. It's a cake combined with a sarlacc pit to create a newimal (new-animal).
I worked with a group to make this mission impossible type picture. One of our members is pulling another through a portal while the rest are trying to get through.
Finally this is an emoji I made of one of my teachers as she likes polka dots and photography.

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