Fourth Sunday of Easter May 3rd, 2020

On this day, the fourth Sunday of the Easter Season, we look upon the very first days of the church as they devoted themselves to those things that were most important them: the preaching of the word, fellowship with one another, the keeping of Christ's ordinances, and prayer. We also see the continuity of the good news of the gospel from the Psalms, to the epistles of Peter, to the gospel of John that though we are as sheep, we have a good shepherd in the Lord who knows us and calls us unto salvation by name.

May you continue to celebrate the resurrection of our Risen Lord throughout the entire Easter Season, growing closer to Him through the reading of His Word.

A Reading from the Acts of the Apostles

• Acts 2:42-47 •

A Reading from the Psalms

• Psalm 23 •

A Reading from the Epistles

• 1 Peter 2:19-25 •

A Reading from the Gospel

• John 10:1-10 •

A Prayer

Holy Shepherd, you know your sheep by name and lead us to safety through the valleys of death. Guide us by your voice, that we may walk in certainty and security to the joyous feast prepared in your house, where we celebrate with you forever. Amen.