College Golf: How to Keep Score Allison Knight © 2017

The Basics

  • For an individual, the lowest score wins
  • On the team the lowest five scores are added up, and the team with the lowest score wins
  • The score of each hole comes from the number of strokes a player takes at a hole


Par is the number strokes a player is expected to make on a hole. A par is set at a 3, 4, or 5. If you get that number of strokes at a hole, you get par on that hole.

Hole in One

A hole in one is taking only one stroke to make it in.

Double Eagle

A score of three under par.


An eagle can be achieved by getting two strokes under the par on a hole.


A bogey is one stroke over par.

Double Bogey

Two strokes over par.


One stroke under par.

  • Number circled once is a Birdie
  • Number circled twice is an Eagle
  • Number in one square is a Bogey
  • Number in two squares is a Double Bogey
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