All about polar bears Charles


A polar bear is a warm blooded animal. They give birth to live babies. They make milk for their babies. Polar bear have back bones.I know polar bear have are mammal because polar bear have fur.


A polar bear have 42 teeth. Polar bear have black skin and although their fur appears white, it is actually transparent white to blend in with their environment. A polar bear weight is about 900 pounds to 1600 pounds. The size of the polar bear is 6.1 feet to9.8 feet.


A polar bear live in North Pole. In North Pole most of the place are white snow. Polar bear live in caves. North Pole have lot of ice to. The water are very cold in North Pole.


A polar bear eat 9 fish a day. They hunt for seals in sea ice. They swim in the sea and get beluga whales,young walruses. When other food is not around,polar bear will eat just about anything that they can eat any food around him.

Interesting facts

Polar bear is the tallest and the biggest bear in the world.

Life cycle

Polar bear can live for 43 years to 44 years. Babies polar bear are called cub. Polar bear give birth to live babies. They can have 2to3 babies at a time.


I think polar bear are a very cool animal. Polar bear are losing their home because the snow and ice are melting. We have to help North Pole because they making pollution.


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