Ricardo Felisme Featured Artist

Singer, Song-writer, Producer, Musician, Male-Nurse

Love is the exception to every rule. -Ricardo Felisme

Ever since the day I met this amazing man I knew he was destined for greatness. And I am the lucky girl he ended up marrying. Well, hey, I did need someone to woo me from time to time! LOL. Unfortunately for me, his love for music has already taken the first place in his heart, leaving me now in a battle with what seems to be a fight with... I guess...sound... uh.... noise. Idk....I just know we got beef!!! Lol! Anyway, I digress....LOL

Ricardo Felisme, nurse for over 15-years, has directed well over 30 different choirs and groups starting from the very young age of 15. At that age, the baton was passed down to him by his mentor who saw his gift, which preluded to the well-loved artist that he is today. He released his first album with his group C.A.U.S.E., where he assembled a bunch of teenagers and shaped us into an amazing choir.

He was later taught by the legendary, Haitian Jazz musician, Dernst Emile, who helped him finite his skills.

With a mind already disconnected from the cliche structure of this world, his music is as uniquely parallel to his revolutionary ideas.

I am in love with his poetic lyrics combined with the eclectic style of his musical arrangements. His craft of music almost always bring me back to the time when we were freshly in love; he sneaked me into his soundproof music room in school, sat me on the grand piano as he played the keys to every love song in existence, just to serenade me. Awww. L'amour. 😍😍

Another beautiful side of Ricardo that I love is his ability to make everyone laugh. Go ahead and click the video below and try not to pee on yourself. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

It is an instant, magnetic love you get when you meet this wonderful man of mines and his music is simply a quirky, inspiring, breathtaking extension of himself.

Don't take my word for it, go ahead and click the link below to listen to all his songs!!!

As always, Stay Naturelle

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