Ora et Labora and Spiritual Excersizes Paul Pham and Noah vogel

Literally means pray and work

Saint Benedict believed that work and prayer worked hand and hand, while working you keep your mind going by praying to God

Some would farm and pray, some would knit and pray, and some would make clothes and pray

There are many ways to pray with ora et labora
Pray is the tower that holds our knowledge and faith of God, and the stronger our tower is, the stronger our faith and pray will become.

Many people today use this form of prayer because of their busy schedules and they don't have time to sit down and pray

Tons of people do this together and some believe it is the only way to pray to God

A bunch of meditations/ mental exercises. Takes place over 28-30 days. They make you contemplate on the nature of the world. Of man’s relationship to god.
You don’t need to set aside some time at the end of the day for god.
Literally just set aside some time to think, doesn’t even have to be god.

Or at any peaceful time during the day, on the bus, during class, knitting, etc.

Let it be a reflection of your day.

Try to ask yourself these questions.

How are you doing right now?
Is my life good?
Am I doing anything self-detrimental?
What can I do to improve my life?
Am I happy?
Are the other people around me happy?
This isn’t just about you, think about people around you. Try to look at other people and see how people are doing. This will help you empathize. Try to get into the mindset that you are in a world where everyone is like you

Photos by Paul Pham

Editing by Noah Vogel

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