Management Skills strategic thinking skills

Strategic thinking involves making a series of decisions about what actions the company intends to take to become more successful. It is a skill that allows managers to see the ‘big picture’.

Using these strategic thinking skills the manager can then:

- Gain insights into an uncertain future

- Understand the effects of actions on the business

- Identify opportunities and threats


A business may promote the importance of strategic thinking to other managers by providing a guidebook.

- Updated annually, goes through the strategic planning process for the year to come

- Includes trends from last year's sales and using those, predicted trends for the following

- Alterations that are planned for the business in the upcoming year

These guidebooks should be distributed to all levels of management.

Why do managers at all levels need to exercise strategic thinking?

Managers at all levels need to exercise strategic thinking in order to influence the business culture. If managers at all levels encourage strategic thinking through the use of the guidebook and through their actions, it will inspire all employees to employ some degree of strategic thinking into the daily aspects of their work.


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