Marriage is... By: Lance Mason

...good for you !

It is proven that married couples tend to live longer! This results from the two partners being healthier and happier. Even though there has been an increase in the rate of divorce and single parenting, marriage is still healthy for the soul. A steady, long term relationship has been the source of the most happiness when relating to marriage. and true companionship!

Marriage is like having your best friend around all the time. So, a person can share their happiest moments with someone they love! But also, in a marriage you have someone there for you even in your lowest times. Those moments when you need loyalty and honesty you will have that. Having a companion means fun all the time and a relationship that would be enjoyable all the time.

...more and better sex!

A popular belief in America is that marriage ends sexual fulfillment. But, in all actuality married men are having sex more often. The sex is better than cohabitants too! Because married sex is more emotionally fulfilling. It is more likely to have sex with your wife than it is to find someone out on the weekend to have sex with.

...more important than a salary!

Research says, marriage correlates to happiness 20 times more than your earnings. And, that marriage is 13 times more important than owning home! A survey found that marriage is the third most important factor when it comes to happiness. Marriage also leads to finding your religious background and having children. the Bible!

Marriage is in the Bible and God says it is good. But, there are several reasons it is good in today's culture. Marriage is safer! It is safer for you and your spouse and your kids. Being married reduces the risk of domestic violence between the couple. And, it allows for the child to be raised in a home with twice as much parenting and advice. These kids are more likely to stay in school and live a successful life.

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