La Llorona

Characters: Maria, a wealthy soldier, and two boys

Setting: Mexico

Plot Summary: A young beautiful woman named Maria married a young wealthy soldier. Together, they had two sons and a beautiful family. One day, the soldier decided to leave for several months. When he returned home, he only cared to see his sons. When Maria noticed this, she began to feel resentment towards her sons. One evening, she was walking by the river with her kids; she saw her husband with an elegant woman besides him. He stopped to speak with his sons and ignored the fact that Maria was there. Out of rage she threw her kids into the river. Realizing what she had done, she tried to save them but, it was too late. Maria cried day and night looking for her children. Eventually, she starved to death by the river; giving her the name La Llorona.

Symbol and Archetype: La Llorona represents a bad mother and how a mother should not treat her kids.

Meaning: A mother should always put her kids first no matter what.

Significance: To warn kids to not go out when it is too late.

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