“GCT Board Member Spotlight” Ed Riggs, GCT Board President

Name: Ed Riggs

Position: President, Board of Directors

Years on the board: I am in my 8th year on the board!

I have been President of the Board of Directors since January, 2015.

As a life-long educator, I have always enjoyed watching young people grow and develop into responsible, enthusiastic, and caring adults. When I joined the board of GCT in 2010, we were Adams County School of Musical Theatre. Our mission was directed more towards children. As we have evolved into Gettysburg Community Theatre, we are not strictly a children’s theatre anymore. However, our mission remains largely the same - to inspire creativity and confidence, provide cultural enrichment, and instill a love of the theatre arts in people of all ages and abilities, through quality education and performance. I will always support this endeavor.

My favorite show was “Big River” in 2012. I was in the show, and it was a large cast. The young people playing the leads were remarkable, and the cast was a great cross-section of our community, young and old, black and white, rich and poor, but all with a love for each other and the theatre. The show demonstrated the value of all people and how supporting others helps all of us.

Gettysburg Community Theatre is special. It is special because it helps fills a need in our community for access to high-quality, community-oriented theatre. The arts in Gettysburg are experiencing a growth and interest that is unprecedented, and Gettysburg Community Theatre is part of that. We have opportunities for children just learning about theatre. We have opportunities for seniors who may or may not have been part of a theatre experience in their lives. We have opportunities for special needs children to develop confidence and friendships through the theatre in our Penguin Project. In all of our programs, we rely on our mission statement to implement our vision, and give opportunities for performing, learning, and enjoying theatre as a community of patrons, actors, musicians, volunteers. Young or old, we are all special, and we learn to appreciate the value and abilities of all through Gettysburg Community Theatre.


“Board Member Spotlight” is a monthly special feature in honor of the 10th season of Gettysburg Community Theatre. Learn more about GCT at www.gettysburgcommunitytheatre.com Photo Credit: Leer Photography

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